Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo belong to one element — the earth. This fact causes their characteristic similarity. They think the same, adhere to the same values and life guides. In the astrological world, these two signs are considered the most compatible, and their union is the most successful. In it, Taurus personifies strength and perseverance, he loves a comfortable, stable life and is not indifferent to her material side. Virgo also always strives for harmony and prosperity, in its ideal world safety and predictability reigns. She loves accuracy, clarity and practicality, which is very appealing to Taurus.

Both signs are endowed with a high intellect, they are endowed with vitality and diligence. They do everything perfectly. In mythology, Virgo is the goddess of love, and Taurus is led by Venus, responsible for sensuality and romance. In this regard, both signs need the warmth of the partner: thus the Taurus, personifying the bull, shows less of its inner world, and the Virgo is more emotional. If we talk about the success of their union, looking at it through the prism of gender, the tandem will be the most successful if the woman is a Virgo, and the man is Taurus.

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Virgo

Compatibility of Taurus and Virgo is on top. Their inner similarity is so strong that it makes sense to talk about their karmic connection and the closeness of souls. Both love comfort and beautiful things, quality for them is more important than quantity. It manifests itself in everything from work to people. They will not be friends with anybody, after all, one good friend is better than two bad ones. Linking your fate with someone, choosing products or clothes in the store, they are guided by the same rule. Both signs love to receive care and give it to others.

Both earth signs prefer concreteness and appreciate each other’s habit of speaking directly. This feature in communication increases their sense of security and promotes a more complete self-discovery in a pair. They do not like hurry and prefer to learn the partner gradually, so a mutual feeling of love can be born and strengthened for a long time. Mutual honesty and openness promotes a favorable horoscope of compatibility of Taurus with the Virgo. They appreciate their time and therefore theatrical performances and dramatic scenes in their relationship are absent. These signs of the zodiac know exactly what they want from each other and do not waste their energy on illusions.

Taurus and Virgo Business Compatibility

The meticulousness and scrupulousness inherent in both signs have a beneficial effect on the compatibility of Taurus and Virgo in their work. The quality of the task is at the heart of both: none of them will not tolerate marriage or work through the sleeves. Extinction, inherent in Taurus and Virgo, provides them with high work capacity: they can work round the clock, only occasionally interrupted for a short coffee-time, do not fear even the most difficult tasks. Sometimes they can conflict because of the stubbornness of both. But such disagreements, as a rule, are quickly resolved through business negotiations.

The compatibility of Taurus with Virgo in friendship is also high, due to the similarity of the world view, interests and hobbies. They are easy to get along, they feel each other well. Very often the representatives of these signs are friends from childhood to old age. They are interesting together, conflicts on the basis of misunderstanding are rare guests in their relationship. Signs of the earth know how to hear each other, negotiate, provide support and substitute their partner’s shoulder when it is required. Such friendly relations are distinguished by deep trust and comfort.

Taurus and Virgo Love Compatibility

Initial interest of partners gradually develops into deep, serious feelings. Very often, their love relationships grow out of warm friendly encounters. Sparks from the eyes and crazy passion at the first meeting — it’s not about them. Both want to first know a person well, to make sure of his decency and seriousness, and then the feelings come out on the stage. The compatibility of Taurus and Virgo in love is good, thanks to the seriousness of the approach to relationships and the creation of a family in both signs of the zodiac. They long and carefully choose partners with whom they want to link their lives. Marriage of convenience, emotion, flight and other reasons that exclude true mutual feelings, does not enter into the picture of the world of Taurus and Virgo.

The perfect compatibility of Taurus with Virgo in a relationship helps them to quickly approach together on the basis of their similarity. The combination of these signs is favorable for the creation of a strong and happy family, which with a high degree of probability will survive until the oldest partners. They set common goals and, holding hands, they are implementing them. Full trust and mutual understanding in the pair gives them a stable self-confidence, the second half and tomorrow. Usually Taurus has a high degree of erudition, and therefore Virgo often resorts to him for advice, but she herself is not deprived of natural talents: her highly developed intuition often helps them both. The pair is harmonious in all spheres of life, and where difficulties arise, the signs of the earthly elements skillfully find a way out of the situation.

Taurus and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Virgo in bed, as in other spheres, is very favorable. Signs are similar in temperament, and therefore misunderstandings in bed they are not terrible. For Taurus and Virgo, sensuality and spiritual contact are important, therefore, they make much sense in lovemaking, not turning it into an ordinary physiological act aimed at satisfying animal needs. Perceiving sex as a sacred action, they pay much attention and time to foreplay, bodily caresses that give pleasure to both partners.

The level of sexual energy in the Taurus is slightly higher than that of the Virgo, they are more active, but due to the developed fantasy of the goddess of love, their contributions to the intimate life are equalized. Both prefer to engage in "this" in a comfortable and beautiful environment, taking care of the convenience of each other. In ordinary life, partners behave somewhat restrainedly and do not approve frank caresses in public, but when they are under the blanket, they reveal themselves in full.

Taurus and Virgo Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus and Virgo in marriage is considered ideal, as in a pair of harmony and peace reigns. Between them there are no stormy scenes, emotional heat and the manifestation of excessive jealousy. This is due to the fact that for both signs the family is the highest value, and love with devotion is a self-evident thing. In most cases, the Virgo becomes the leader in the family, as she is more inclined to care for and worry about loved ones because of her emotionality. Taurus, despite the desire for leadership, willingly succumbs to her this prerogative. In turn, he takes on the role of earner and defender.

Virgo in marriage with Taurus has a more active position, directs him and his energy in the right direction. Similar interests and values provide a safe environment in the family and mutual trust. Sometimes friction arises between them due to the frequent changeability of Virgo’s mood, but partners who live together for a long time, get to know each other better and learn to cope with any difficulties in the relationship. The compatibility of Taurus with Virgo in family life is also high because both seek to create a common life and coziness in it, appreciating and respecting each other. Both adore children and become wonderful parents.

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