Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Virgo and Aries have different characters and temperaments: representatives of these signs — people seem to come from different planets and there are very few points of contact between them. Virgo is led by the life of Mercury, who in ancient myths was the god of trade. He gives his ward a liveliness of mind, rational thinking, restraint and perfectionism. Her element is earth, therefore Virgo seeks stability and peace. In this regard, she strives to control everything, and people, including. Its schedule is drawn up for a long time ahead. She rarely makes mistakes, but if this happens, the representative of the earthly element will suffer and blame herself for the mistake. Hence, her habit of criticizing others. For her, no one has the right to make a mistake, and not even her. This sign refers to the mutable, which means that the Virgo perfectly adapts to changing circumstances and changes herself according to external changes.

Aries is guided by the militant Mars, endowing him with frenzied energy, strength, and firmness of character. The fire element, to which Aries belongs, rewarded him with such qualities as quick temper, purposefulness, perseverance and stubbornness. His actions are impulsive: he does everything with passion and zeal. Uncontrollable, like a fire, he can not sit still for a minute, he is always somewhere attracted. New impressions, dating people, a lot of plans and ideas sometimes give rise to an atmosphere of chaos around him. By nature, Aries is a rebel who never obeys anyone. He aspires to power, conquest and victory. His lack of restraint and sharpness, openness and straightforwardness often leads him to unpleasant situations in life. For example, in a fierce ardor, he can greatly offend a loved one by both words and physical actions.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Aries

On the question of whether the compatibility of Virgo and Aries is possible as such, astrology does not give an unambiguous answer. They have different life values that lead them through different life paths. Correct to the tips of your fingers, Virgos is clearly not satisfied with the lawlessness that suits the sign of fire in his life. He, in turn, will necessarily want to completely subordinate his partner, but not every representative of the Virgo sign will go for it, even in view of his ability to adapt. Aries is too self-confident, and constant comments of the partner will lead him out of himself.

On the other hand, if partners can properly see each other, see the benefits of their relationship, the horoscope of Virgo compatibility with Aries can be favorable. Fire sign because of the lack of any brakes is very lack of foresight, the ability to effectively plan and restraint. All this the Virgo could teach him. She, in turn, can learn from the partner the ability to go beyond what is permissible and at least occasionally allow oneself to be wrong and free.

Virgo and Aries Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Aries in work can be very productive, provided that the signs are one team pursuing a common task. The fire sign is able to create interesting ideas, and is also an excellent performer who pret, like an armored car towards the coveted goal. The role of Virgo in this tandem is to bring the idea itself to life before the stage of the finished plan. The hardworking representative of Mercury will put everything in order, take into account all the pros and cons, will write down to the smallest detail and give the partner a ready and successful one hundred percent business plan.

Despite the significant differences in the characters, Virgo’s compatibility with Aries in friendship is also beneficial. An active, optimistic sign of fire is for the partner a charge of vivacity, encourages him to new achievements and does not let him fall into dejection and depression, which often cover Virgo due to the monotonous rhythm of life. Aries, in turn, on the contrary, learns from her orderliness in thoughts and actions. They are interesting to each other and therefore long conversations about everything in the world often occur between them.

Virgo and Aries Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Aries in love is at a low level. Such a couple often occurs in life, but they do not have to be jealous. First signs attract each other: fire draws its strength and confidence. With such a partner is comfortable and safe, because he achieves what he wants at any cost. Virgo is prudent and immediately understands that a partnership with such a strong person can bring her personal benefits. The enamored ward of Mercury, as a rule, agrees to the role of the second plan, taking the lead of the partner. She sincerely falls in love, takes care of him and puts Aries at the head of the corner.

But the messenger of Mars, unfortunately, is too selfish. He does not really appreciate the feelings of others, because he simply can not understand them. Wardship and control from the elements of the earth will eventually start to bother him, and since Aries is far from stupid, he is happy to use the partner’s feelings for his own purposes. Manipulating the emotions of Virgo in love with him, he will make his plans with her help. Compatibility of Virgo with Aries in relationships most often negatively affects the well-being of the first. How strong her feelings are — so long she will tolerate despotic behavior and let her pull her strings. But sooner or later this link will break: Aries will go looking for a new elected one, leaving the abandoned orchestra with mental trauma.

Virgo and Aries Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Aries in bed is also far from ideal. The internal energy of the fire sign hits over the edge, so it’s so active. Classes of rough sex are for him one way to discharge, so he can deal with it every day and several times. In addition, he is a great dreamer: that the same thing is not boring, the sign of fire constantly brings something new to the bed.

Virgo looks at the intimate life differently: for her, rare, but qualitative mergers of bodies, which accompany the spiritual closeness of partners, are more precious. For a while she can indulge Aries and agree to all his proposals, but one day her patience will come to a limit. At this point, lovers will begin to conflict, which can quickly lead to a break in relations, as the ward of Mars can not live in sexual hunger.

Virgo and Aries Family Compatibility

If these two have reached the registrar’s office, it means that they have passed many tests, worked hard for themselves for the benefit of the future union. Aries initially does not see any value in marital relations, all his intrigues are usually short-term, since not everyone will be able to withstand his complex character. Therefore, if he marries, it is only because of great love. The Virgo, who was able to retain and tame the burning flame, also, for sure, was keen to see the representative of Mars as her legal partner. The quality of Virgo’s compatibility with Aries in marriage is entirely on their shoulders.

They still have a lot to learn in marriage. The compatibility of Virgo and Aries in family life will be favorable if the former will speak directly about their feelings, and the second will listen and hear and the wishes of the partner. Earth element in time will help the spouse become calmer and judicious, and she will learn to accept another person as he is, avoiding criticism and long notations. Compromises, mutual respect, and most importantly, love — that’s what will help them to have a stable, strong relationship. Friction in their tandem will never cease, because they are still originally different natures. But, as the saying goes, the darlings are scolded — they just play.

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