Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer are perfectly combined as partners. Their elements — earth and water, respectively, successfully interact, complementing each other. The Earth needs fruit to bear fruit. Water is gaining the power of an aspiring flow only in a reliable channel, between the banks. The same relationship awaits the wards of these elements — supportive and reliable. In their pair, the role of the elder plays Cancer, and this is unusual, because in relationships with other representatives of the horoscope, he often takes a weaker and dependent position. But it is in this union that he turns out to be more experienced and mature. Cancer takes care of and cares for a partner, helping him cope with feelings. By the way, the emotional sphere is the main thing, in what they are almost identical, harmonious relationships are built on this similarity.

Their relationship will develop successfully in almost all life spheres: they can be both true friends, and romantic lovers and successful colleagues. Virgo belongs to Mercury, which gives her some kind of ambiguity, in connection with which her emotional background is unstable. She is neat and tidy, pedantic and hardworking. Aspiring to stability, she plans her life activity far ahead, thus minimizing the chances of mistakes and mistakes. She is critical of herself and others: demanding from herself unattainable heights, she demands them and from others. Virgo belongs to mutable signs: this means that she is able to adapt to the constantly changing external environment.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Cancer

The compatibility of Virgo and Cancer is high, as their views and beliefs are similar: they will definitely converge on issues of friendship, parenting, work and others. They simply and easily understand each other. Cancer is a ward of the Moon and has high empathy or sensitivity to the inner peace of others. He, like Virgo, is prone to frequent changes in mood, and also likes to go into himself and reflect on the laws of the universe. Being attached to someone, he will try to do so that the partner next to him is comfortable. Virgo behaves similarly: she lays her beloved and dear people in a veil of her care and worries about their destinies. Both seek to control their loved ones in order to save themselves from trouble, as well as not to lose them.

Cancer in many respects is similar to the representative of the earth element. He also seeks stability: in it he sees his peace and security. To do this, he tries to attach himself to someone stronger to be fueled by his confidence and feel protected. Virgo is very sympathetic to Cancer, because she understands his inner world, no matter how different, the drama that is happening there. And besides this, it has that hardness and determination, which the water element so lacks. Horoscope of Virgo compatibility with Cancer promises them a strong and warm relationship, full of mutual care and spiritual intimacy.

Virgo and Cancer Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Cancer in work and business is at a high level: signs work well and can even enjoy the performance of joint activities. Virgo is practical and rational, Cancer is a creative nature, therefore their joint product will be original and successful. They feel each other on an intuitive level, and therefore their work boils uninterruptedly. Stability in the nature of the earthly elements helps the ward of the Moon to achieve much more than he could get without her participation. The only friction between them can occur when both signs suddenly do not coincide in moods or Virgo will include an internal critic.

The compatibility of Virgo with Cancer in friendship is also strong and promises them good, lasting relationships. Similar views help signs to find many common hobbies. They, like no one, understand each other and can chat for hours without stopping. Both are caring friends and will put their shoulder to their friend at the right time. Virgo is more optimistic and infects Cancer with a good mood, saving him from despondency. Representatives of different sex in this pair often turn from the best friends in two lovers.

Virgo and Cancer Love Compatibility

Both signs are aimed at creating a strong family and approaching the choice of a partner very thoroughly. Having met, these two will feel the mutual desire of each other to create their own small, cozy world, in which both will be comfortable. The compatibility of Virgo and Cancer in love is close to the ideal, despite the existing differences between them. Their love union is blessed by the stars themselves: the primary love very quickly turns into a real, deep feeling, about which whole series shoot! Cancer in the heart of a real romantic and can beautifully look after. Virgo does not so obviously show her sympathy, but also tries to please the partner.

The good compatibility of Virgo with Cancer in the relationship leads to the fact that the couple quickly converges, and then, having tempered by life and making sure that it is that partner, legitimizes their relationship in order to be even closer to each other. Cancer is not trustworthy to the whole world, but the inner firmness of the earthly elements and the care on its part help it feels more or less calmly and confidently. He is overly sensitive and emotional, but Virgo skillfully copes with this because of its rationality. She, in turn — a hidden romantic: a partner helps her open up and feel the whole range of emotions that were previously hidden deep inside.

Virgo and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

None of them is endowed with a hot, passionate temperament, but the warmth and tenderness they have — more than enough. Signs experience a strong physical attraction for each other, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Then the Virgo becomes colder in bed, directing all her attention to the spiritual intimacy with the partner and taking care of him.

The compatibility of Virgo and Cancer in bed is still high, since the wards of the Moon also do not see much value in the very physical confluence. But he sees her in a romantic atmosphere, foreplay, mutual caresses and physical contact. He likes to play with his partner for a long time, seduce, enter into awe, and the enamored Virgo will support all this, wanting to please his beloved.

Virgo and Cancer Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Virgo with Cancer in marriage is very fruitful: common views, complete mutual understanding makes their union strong and stable. Both are practical, love a comfortable, well-fed life and, therefore, make every effort to afford to wear beautiful clothes, rest in good places and eat quality food. Everyone tries to improve their shared life, not forgetting about the partner and the relationship with him. Both signs are initially hidden: at the time of the marriage or a little later, an indestructible trust will be born between them, on which their marriage will be based.

Supporting each other, they cope with all hardships and difficulties. The level of compatibility of Virgo and Cancer in family life from year to year will only grow, and the relationship will be strengthened. The only thing they should be afraid of is memories from the past, which lie in their hearts with mutual insults. Especially, Cancer has a grudge. Recalling each other’s long-standing mistakes, they can spoil their ideal relationship. Just the friction can arise because of the innate jealousy of the wards of the moon: sometimes for this, Virgo even does not need to do anything, and the partner at this time winds himself with causeless suspicions.

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