Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

Virgo and Capricorn belong to the same element — the earth. This means that the signs have an invisible connection that exists on an intuitive level. One element for two gives them common qualities: the desire for stability, permanence, conservatism. The Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the god of trade and communication, thanks to which she has a developed intellect and analytical thinking. She is prudent and plans her life ahead, lives on a strict schedule, not stepping back a step to the side. Outwardly Virgo is cold, because it relies more on logic than on feelings and emotions. Although deep inside her soul lives a romantic, revealing himself only to loved ones.

She has few friends, but all of them are true and decent, because the choice of his environment Virgo is very carefully: he will not keep a number of people around. Trust Mercury is very critical of others, so few can meet its requirements. The same high demands she puts for herself: literally in everything Virgo strives for ideal. In this regard, she is hardworking: works hard, confidently goes to her goals, steadily overcoming all obstacles. It seeks a stable position in society by accumulating a financial base. Practicality, poise and ingenuity are its main qualities, through which it achieves high results.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Capricorn

Capricorn is the most serious sign of the zodiac and in many ways similar to Virgo. He is ambitious, highly moral and also seeks financial independence. His discipline sometimes has a higher level than that of a partner. He is reliable, devoted to his relatives, and therefore the compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn is at a very high level and is considered to be one of the most favorable astrologers. They are materialists to the ends of their hair, they behave secretly, which in the people is called "to be on your mind". Signs look closely at each other for a long time, as they are very cautious about new acquaintances. None of them will throw themselves into the relationship in any life sphere.

Horoscope compatibility of Virgo with Capricorn promises them a long and strong connection, which is gaining strength over time. At first, the signs will long study each other and even conflict, because each of them is sober and demanding. In addition, both have an enviable stubbornness, especially for Capricorn, who in life is accompanied by a cold and strict Saturn. Mercury’s ward refers to mutable signs and can adapt wherever it is convenient: to people and circumstances. Due to her prudence, she can endure much, if in the end for it she will expect a pleasant bonus. Capricorn — a cardinal sign, rarely able to compromise and even more to adapt to someone.

Virgo and Capricorn Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn in the work is twofold. On the one hand, two hardworking, persistent pragmatists can achieve phenomenal results. So it will be provided that the signs look in one direction, make concessions, and also think, first of all, of the ultimate goal, and not about their own ambitions. If they ignore this demand, they can fall into an open confrontation, where everyone will defend his "only true" approach to work. It is clear that there can be no question of any result, in this case.

The compatibility of Virgo with Capricorn in friendship is quite high. A similar worldview will help them to quickly find common interests and exciting pursuits. Often this friendship is accompanied not only by communication, but also by joint activities. Both signs prefer to have one, maximum — two friends, so they will spend a lot of time together. They respect each other for high intelligence and fidelity, mutual assistance is common in their pair.

Virgo and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Both representatives of the earth element prefer to establish long-lasting relationships with serious, reliable partners, and not jump from bed to cot. These qualities they see each other at once. Their romance develops very slowly, but this suits both partners: they do not like to hurry, preferring to recognize the other gradually. The compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn in love is favorable, due to the fact that both partners look at each other through the prism of perspective. Both are determined to create a family, a stable life and the birth of offspring. Their relationship is not accompanied by enchanting passions and reckless acts: everything happens nice and quiet. Even with real feelings, they behave with restraint and do not rush to reveal their partner.

They are interested in talking, knowing each other and rejoicing that they are so similar. As a rule, most people approve of themselves and their manifestations, therefore, the signs of the earth will not want to change anything in their union. The successful compatibility of Virgo with Capricorn in relations is built on the similarity of worldviews: both are grounded on material wealth and the creation of a strong pair. Their practicality is visible to each other from the first day of acquaintance: even the gifts that they will exchange are more useful than romantic ones. This fact will appeal to both, because the signs are calculating and are everywhere used to profit. The romantic stage passes very quickly, and the partners move on to the stage of building joint plans for life.

Virgo and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Both wards of the earthly elements look superficially and seriously, but deep down inside, each of them keeps sensuality, tenderness and desire to care for the near. The compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn in bed is at a high level, so they have the same preferences in the intimate sphere: the physical act of merging as such is not an end in itself for them. But everything that precedes this — mutual bodily caresses, romantic atmosphere and a strong desire — brings them the most pleasure.

All should be beautiful, decent and noble. The quality of their sex will grow together with the growth of mutual trust and, as a result, the disclosure of partners to each other. Soulful intimacy is of great importance to them, and they both aspire to it.

Virgo and Capricorn Family Compatibility

The exchange of rings in the palace of marriage means that they saw each other in the other and ready to go together in life. Astrologers predict the almost perfect compatibility of Virgo with Capricorn in marriage. They create a strong and stable family, in which there is no place for mutual tricks and betrayals. They are connected at the karmic level and even when their feelings lose their former brightness, they will not treat each other worse. On the contrary, their rational perception of the world, not embellished with sensual euphoria, helps them build strong relationships. They have already chosen each other and hardly any of them will reverse. For the future, they are building many joint plans on how to make their personal world more cozy, comfortable and reliable.

For this they are ready to work hard. Spouses are able to make large savings and spend them in the future on serious, useful purchases. The compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn in family life rests primarily on practicality, so that the material basis of their union is always strong. Children in their pair — a balanced and deliberate decision: diapers appear when the couple are firmly on their feet, but in no case on emotions or in an impulsive impulse. Friends of such a couple will be few, since they are their own and to nothing. All their free time they will spend together: for happiness they do not need anything else.

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