Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini refer to the contradictory elements — earth and air, respectively. In this regard, their union is possible, but stable and beneficial it is difficult to call it. The Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the mythical god of commerce, responsible for the communicative sphere. This planet has one interesting feature: one side of it is in permafrost, and the other always glows. This fact directly affects the character of Virgo. And specifically in his changing mood: today she can be very optimistic and turn around in worries, and tomorrow fall into despondency and hopelessness. On the other hand, such a character feature helps Virgo to adapt easily to external changes, and they happen quite often.

So, the Virgo aspires to stability, material well-being and plans all affairs for a long time ahead. What can not be said about the changeable Gemini. The air element to which they belong, leaves its imprint on their nature: windiness, inconstancy, lightness and dreaminess. By the way, Gemini also belongs to Mercury. The duality of the planet is also reflected in this sign, but somewhat stronger than on Virgo. It is restrained by the earth element, so it is more solid and permanent. Gemini also need a periodic change in the situation, new feelings and emotions. They love adventure, creative activity and do not want to get attached to people. It would seem — two mutable signs, and even under the control of one planet, but so different and dissimilar.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Gemini

The compatibility of Virgo and Gemini is twofold: on the one hand, the signs are very interesting to each other, because they have opposite qualities. Virgo attracts in the air partner his ease, optimism and spontaneity. She lives on an exact schedule and does not dare to take a step to the side. Therefore, she is interested in watching those who live in free flight and even sometimes try to live out of rules. Gemini, in turn, aware of their changeability, intuitively reach out to those who are morally stronger and more stable in emotions. He does this for self-preservation: after all, you can shift responsibility for your life to the shoulders of a strong partner who will take care of them, and also protect you from difficulties and failures.

Both signs have a developed intellect and consider it their main virtue. In others, they are looking for the same things they value themselves. Therefore, they are interesting interlocutors for each other. The Horoscope of Virgo’s compatibility with Gemini can promise them a successful relationship if they initially accept all their differences for the virtues that complement each other. In this case, an interesting, unusual union is possible between them, enriching both partners. Another option for the development of the situation is if the opposites are repelled. Then the Virgo finds Gemini too superficial, irresponsible and unreliable: he will not waste his time on it. The air sign, in turn, sees Virgo as a boring, overly demanding and mediocre person and will also move aside.

Virgo and Gemini Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Gemini in work can be very beneficial. Both are intelligent and hardworking. True, the air element is ready to try only where it will be interesting. A representative of the land will perform perfectly any task. In the work team, their roles will be clearly separated. Geminis are responsible for interesting ideas, their creative nature copes with this task easily. And Virgo, with their diligent efforts, will turn them into a concrete result, beneficial to both.

But the compatibility of Virgo and Gemini in friendship leaves much to be desired. Both signs are very critical when they themselves do not like it when someone is negative about their own actions. If the friendship between them does not imply any joint activity, from which both will receive profits, then a good relationship between them is unlikely to develop. For them, only a variant of friendship is possible, which is not conditioned by spiritual closeness.

Virgo and Gemini Love Compatibility

Initially, the compatibility of Virgo and Gemini in love is very high. Partners are passionate about each other, knowing the unfamiliar sides and qualities of a partner. The sign of the earth seems to the partner interesting and reliable, he knows how to be romantic and very courteous. Gemini in love behave crazily, make beautiful gifts and unusual deeds. The candy-bouquet period passes by these signs is very touching, emotionally and emotionally. Until the enchantment of love begins to dissipate.

Gradually, the compatibility of Virgo with Gemini in the relationship to rush to zero: everything that used to be seen in each other as new and interesting, is now mistaken for shortcomings. Pedantic and obligatory in everything Virgo will become irritated by the inconstancy of Gemini, because often they say one thing, but they do something completely different, change their mind and abandon their goals not achieved. And the air element will feel beside the boring partner bored and depressed. For Gemini, freedom, both internal and external, is of great importance. And if you encroach on it, then the representative of this sign will begin to look for ways out of such uncomfortable relations.

Virgo and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Gemini in bed is successful, but short-lived. For Virgo, sex itself is not so important, it is enough love and confidence in the reciprocity of feelings partner. She can deal with it often and variously just to please the chosen one. Gemini, in turn, are also not passionate fans of physical comfort. Therefore, a constant intimate life exists between them only at the beginning of the relationship, while the signs are in the power of feelings and hormones.

But some time later, physical merging will occur in their beds less and less. Gemini know how to be creative and create exciting bedtime scenarios, but when he sees that Virgo has something better, and this is her brains, he chooses what they both are interested in — they talk heart-to-heart about everything. This is what they will do all their free time.

Virgo and Gemini Family Compatibility

Good compatibility of Virgo with Gemini in a marriage is achieved by them seldom and hard. At least because they initially look at the family union in different ways. Stable Virgo wants to create a lasting marriage tandem once and for life. And even if there are any difficulties in it, she will masterfully adapt to them. Gemini look at it differently: in a pair they will only be as long as he has feelings for the partner or personal benefit from this relationship. If there is nothing of this, then it will evaporate, like air, to the elements of which this sign belongs.

If we imagine the most successful circumstances under which the couple are affectionately fond of each other and are going to spend the rest of their lives together, their marriage will not be without difficulties and scandals anyway. The compatibility of Virgo and Gemini in family life will vary from extreme to extreme. Stability and responsibility of Virgo in the blood. Moreover, she is still a maximalist, who strives for ideal in everything, in relations, including. She will have the hardest time in this pair, because apart from her rebelliousness and the unrestrained spouse, she will still have to suffer from a feeling of jealousy. After all, Gemini — a free nature: he will attend various events and make acquaintances even after the wedding. And when he does not have enough emotion in marriage, he, without hesitation, will go look for them on the side. Also, frictions will arise on financial grounds: the earth element seeks to earn and accumulate. Gemini do not like physical labor, but they like to spend a lot.

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