Virgo and Leo Compatibility

«Different fields of berries» — this is how you can characterize a couple of Virgo with Leo. Signs differ literally in everything, so they find it difficult to find something that can be taken as the basis for a successful relationship. The Virgo belongs to the earthly element: she needs under her feet the same firmness as the earth, so she strives for stability and permanence in everything. It is neat, practical and tries to do everything perfectly. Mercury, who leads her through life, gives her prudence and foresight. Her life activity is planned for many years to come, which protects her from accidental mistakes. Virgo is critical of herself and others. An excellent organizer and planner — she lives behind the scenes all her life, as she does not like to be in the spotlight.

Leo with his character sharply differs from the modest representative of the earth element. He is under the influence of the elements of fire. The same passionate and ardent, he always looks ahead, puts one goal after another, trying to conquer as many peaks as possible. The Leo is the wards of the Sun: the same bright and hot. There are always a lot of people around him who want to touch his warmth. He is generous and kind, always helping the needy and indulgent towards the defeated enemies. The sign of fire can not live without a human society, because it is the environment or the suite that makes it feel like a real king of beasts. Their admiring looks, screams "bravo" and applause — that’s what Leo lives for. He is selfish and always puts his person in the first place, so rarely when he is able to understand the feelings of the other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Leo

What can be said about the compatibility of Virgo and Leo, provided that they have different life priorities? Astrologers do not give them a great chance to create lasting relationships that will satisfy both. More or less, they can co-exist where there is a clear benefit for one or both partners. This may be a business relationship or, in extreme cases, a marriage of convenience. Because they are unlikely to achieve sincere intimacy. Also, the success of their union for the most part will depend on the behavior of Virgo. It refers to mutable signs and can easily adapt to any circumstances and people. Leo does not possess this ability, because there is too much pride and selfishness in him: in his picture of the world, people must adapt to him, not him. After all, he is the king, and those around him are his loyal retinue.

Virgo can play with him in this game in two cases: either she sees that she can get good bonuses from the partnership with him, or she really is in love with him and ready for anything for the desired object. In other cases, she will find the proud for the windbag, quickly exposing that under the bright wrapper there is nothing worthwhile. Horoscope of Virgo compatibility with Leo is disappointing, and yet the signs can learn a lot from each other. A fiery sign will show the partner how to relax and have fun, get what they want without erasing their hands in the blood from hard work. Earth element, in turn, will demonstrate all the charms of the stability of life. Signs can see each other’s value, but it will take some time.

Virgo and Leo Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Leo in work can be very productive, due to the purposefulness and will of the fire element, as well as hard work and meticulousness of the earthly sign. To lead in this tandem, of course, will want a powerful Leo. He is an excellent organizer and leader. The calculating Virgo will agree to these conditions, understanding that such a partnership will bring her pleasant bonuses. She will get the role of the performer, which she will not oppose, since any work is up to her. Difficulties can arise if the trustee of Mercury suddenly decides that the path chosen by Leo is incorrect. The pride of the fiery sign simply will not allow him to admit his mistakes, and the subject of Mercury is known for its adherence to principles and will not depart from the truth.

Compatibility of Virgo with Leo in friendship is possible, if the signs will be able to see the valuable qualities of each other and successfully use them. For example, the first prefers a quiet, quiet rest, the second one needs noisy gatherings. But this does not always happen. Sometimes Virgo wants to be published, and the partner will help to choose the best place for this. Leo also in order of variety can sit at home in his pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa for watching an interesting film. The sign of the earth will gladly be his company in this event.

Virgo and Leo Love Compatibility

At first glance it may seem that the compatibility of Virgo and Leo in love is very high, especially at the first, introductory stage of the relationship. Partners draw each other by their own dissimilarity: the restrained earthly element seems so mysterious, and Leo, led by the instinct of the conqueror, hastens to win the heart of a partner. He will be enthusiastic about his virtues, demonstrating the gloss of his mane in profile and full face. Virgo will first be overwhelmed by the charisma and brightness of the partner, until she realizes that in this boasting and narcissism is the entire nature of Leo, but in fact everything can be different.

Leo, initially fascinated by the modesty and suppleness of Virgo, will in time begin to hear in his address a lot of criticism and instruction, which his self-respecting nature can not perceive calmly. The compatibility of Virgo with Leo in the relationship at this point will sharply decline: they are simply disappointed with each other. After all, a fire sign is used to admiration and praise, and the earthly element values things more than words. Staying together and continue to learn each other they can only help sincere, mutual feelings and genuine interest. Then the Virgo will be able to see that this kind of life helps the partner to achieve good successes and to occupy a high position in the society that provides him, and, in the long run, with her, well-fed comfortable life. The solar sign will also be able to reconsider its opinion and reveal the positive features of Virgo: it is not meticulous, but attentive, not boring, but stable, not monotonous, but reliable. Looking from these positions, signs of land and fire can organize a comfortable relationship for both.

Virgo and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Good compatibility of Virgo and Leo in bed will have to be achieved, since initially there will be no mutual understanding between them due to excellent views on the intimacy. The sign of fire desires frequent, passionate, violent sex, not devoid of experiments. He wants to be at the center of this action: that is, the partner must "work" for him, to please his king.

The materialist Virgo is not so preoccupied and lascivious. For a while, she can play along to a partner to make him feel good, but then she will start to evade the sexual merrymaking, preferring long conversations to more interesting topics. They will have to negotiate, otherwise the Leo, deprived of attention and applause in this sphere, will go looking for them in a different place.

Virgo and Leo Family Compatibility

High level of compatibility of Virgo and Leo in marriage will have to be achieved with one’s own hands, having at the base a mutual, strong feeling called love. The enamored Virgo will adjust to any partner and will try for the benefit of the family. With Leo there can be difficulties: even being in love, he can hardly change his habits.

Even if there are no deep feelings between the signs, then their tandem can for a long time stay on the habit and mutual benefit. If both are absent, then the compatibility of Virgo and Leo in family life will be zero. The element of earth that is not interested in the partner simply tortures him with its correct advice, edification and criticism, and an indifferent sign of fire will not tolerate such an attitude.

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