Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Astrologers around the world can not come to a common opinion about the compatibility of Virgo and Libra. On the one hand, they are located side by side on the field of the zodiacal circle and therefore have much in common. On the other hand, the signs belong to the contradictory elements: Virgo is the trustee of the earth, and Libra is the air. The type of their partnership can be called "best friend and worst enemy", where, unsurprisingly, the Virgo is the right one for the role of the enemy. The main point of contact between them is their developed intellectual abilities. But due to the fact that in Libra they are developed more due to their creative thinking, the earthly element experiences a hidden feeling of envy.

Virgo leads by the planet Mercury through life. In mythical tales, Mercury was the god in charge of communication and commerce. In this regard, the sign of the earth element is extremely prudent, knows how to see the benefits in business and even relationships. Virgo strives for firm ground underfoot, so everything is planned ahead. She is tidy, restrained and hardworking. Outwardly, she shows little emotion, although her mood is often variable. Demanding perfection from herself, she also requires it from others, so those around her often hear from her mouth a word of criticism addressed to her. High demands allow it to weed out unreliable partners and surround themselves with worthy people, whom Virgo loves and constantly cares for them.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Libra

Libra also tend to persistence and stability. They are not inclined to rough activity, preferring quieter occupations that bring aesthetic satisfaction. If a case requires too much action, then the sign of the air element will rather abandon it than it will spend all its forces on it. In this regard, Virgo seems to him too fussy and tense, because she always follows the planned plan. Libra have a broader and more flexible thinking than a partner. But the emotional sphere they developed much weaker. The compatibility of Virgo and Libra is on an average level and will be beneficial if the signs do not compete, but take from each other the qualities of character that are lacking.

The Horoscope of Virgo with Libra compatibility can also be favorable, thanks to their similar features. Weights are led by Venus, endowing them with sensitivity and the desire to create. The Virgo has a passion for accumulation, for improving its financial position. Therefore, if they coexist as spouses, there will always be prosperity and abundance in their home. Through a comfortable, stable life, the signs try to come to rest and secure a sense of security from the variability of the outside world. Relations between them will be built long enough, but if they manage to reach mutual understanding, they will have a stable and strong union.

Virgo and Libra Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Libra in the work will be beneficial if they work on an equal footing for the common good. Sometimes the earthly sign is too stubborn and inclines the partner to follow the plan he devised. Libra are lighter and more creative, they will always help a colleague to look at the matter from different sides and choose the optimal solution to the problem. The air element does not tolerate encroachments on its freedom. In order to avoid conflicts, the representative of Mercury must take this into account.

Criticism of the earth element and the sensitivity of the air do not give a greater chance of the Virgo’s high compatibility with Libra in friendship. The hidden envy of a representative of Mercury to the intellectual abilities of the air element will lead to friction under a variety of pretexts. Unable to withstand sarcasm and irony in his address, Libra will prefer to leave such a relationship. It is very difficult to achieve deep trust between the representatives of the Earth and air elements.

Virgo and Libra Love Compatibility

Signs tend to harmony in everything, but they do it in different ways. Therefore, the compatibility of Virgo and Libra in love is too contradictory. The representative of Mercury achieves peace at the expense of strict control of her life and the lives of those who are nearby. She makes a clear plan and wants everyone to live on it, whom she cherishes. Libra in their manifestations often behave erratically, guessing one thing, but in fact doing another. This behavior is due to their indecisiveness. They doubt each step and can spend a long time thinking about how best to do. Having made some decision, at the last moment they can change their decision. In front of them is always an invisible cup of scales, the image of which corresponds to the sign.

At the Virgo all should be precisely and under the schedule. Frequent throwing partner, the change of his mind will irritate her. After all, it is impossible to control the elusive air. Therefore, the compatibility of Virgo with Libra in the relationship is considered very low. But the good news is that over time, partners will be able to get used to, learn the behavior of each other and try to adjust. To do this, they need real mutual feelings that will motivate them to work on themselves and develop relationships.

Virgo and Libra Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Libra in bed also leaves much to be desired. Attitude to the intimacy of the signs is different: the representative of the air element attaches great importance to sex, namely, beautiful romantic courtship and foreplay. In them he can demonstrate his sensuality and experience the whole gamut of positive emotions. The girl does not particularly care about the sexual part of life. In bed, she is cold, shackled and rarely has a rich imagination. While she is in love, she will gladly agree to any offers of a partner in order to give him pleasure.

But over time the hormonal background will settle down, the partners will get used to each other and the representative of Mercury will cease to be so compliant to satisfy the partner. Choosing between passionate sex and interesting conversation, the earth element will prefer the second. The spiritual closeness to which Libra aspires under the blanket is unlikely to be indicated. Therefore, they have to somehow negotiate: air will have to be abandoned through time from their desires, and the earth will need to yield to the partner at least sometimes. Whether they can make such concessions depends on their personal horoscopes.

Virgo and Libra Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo with Libra in a marriage is quite contradictory. Their vital positions do not coincide: the representative of Venus wants attention, warmth and romance. He needs new impressions and lively emotions. To live according to the regime, as if in a barracks, seems to be a difficult test for the freedom-loving Libra. Virgo, in turn, has no time to nurse her partner: she does not want to spend precious time on "veal tenderness", preferring to work and improve her financial situation. Her love is stable, and the attitude to the partner is right, but she shows it functional: she brought money, feed, slept. Help is needed? Has helped. What more do you need? Her emotional coldness prevents her from understanding the partner’s need for feelings and affection.

Libra, not receiving the desired attention at home, seeks to get it in society. This fact contributes to his frequent absences, that the edge will not like the controlling Virgo. On this ground, serious quarrels are possible between them. True, they will not fight and scream. All clarification of the relationship they have in the form of negotiations. To raise the level of compatibility of Virgo and Libra in family life, they will have to adapt themselves to each other, to reconcile with the characteristics of the partner and unconditionally accept them. It’s difficult, but it’s possible if there is love in their house.

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