Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces are even signs of the zodiacal circle and are opposite each other, that is, they are opposite. Astrologers characterize the type of their relationship with the wording "all or nothing." They are different in almost everything: in their worldview, characters and temperaments. Having met, signs either instantly attracted and form a long, strong union, or chatting casually, go on their roads. Despite the differences in the characters of the practical Virgo and the dreamy Pisces, the elements to which they belong are successfully combined in nature. The first relates to the power of the earth, the second to water. The soil constantly needs moisture, otherwise it will dry up and stop fruiting. And the water needs strong beaches, only in them it can take shape in a stormy river or majestic sea-oceans.

If the signs still attract and create an alliance, they will have to constantly face their own dissimilarity and seek compromises. The peculiarity of their mutual relations lies in the fact that in their pair there is no leader, no slave, they occupy equal positions. The Virgo is led by the planet Mercury, which in ancient mythology is the God of communication and trade relations. Therefore, it is not surprising that his life is looking for profit all the time and strives for permanence in everything: she plans every step, lives on a clear schedule, works much and hard. Her emotional sphere is somewhat depressed, but her intellectual abilities are well-developed. All decisions Virgo takes the head, relying on rationalism, not feelings. Outwardly, it manifests itself strictly and at times even cold, although deep inside it is romantic and sensitive.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Pisces

The Virgo controls not only herself, but also surrounding people, thus creating an illusion of safety. Next to her are a few close people, but they are all true and worthy, because before they fall into the circle of her trust, they pass a tough contest. Irrelevant and irresponsible individuals are eliminated from it immediately. Is a good compatibility of Virgo with Pisces living in a creative mess of another reality possible? They, unlike the earthly sign, are spontaneous, are in constant search of their vocation, are creatively developed and active. They have sensitivity, developed intuition and emotionality. Often the elements of water are at variance with their desires. This is clearly seen in the image of the sign, where two fish swim in opposite directions. Also this is due to the fact that the sign is controlled immediately by two planets — Neptune and Jupiter, empowering their ward with a philosophical mindset, sensitivity and strength.

Despite the obvious differences, the horoscope of Virgo’s compatibility with Pisces can be very successful, due to the fact that both signs belong to the mutable. This means that they are cleverly able to adapt to changes in the external environment, without experiencing any difficulties at the same time. Partners can become devoted companions in any area of life: each of them cherishes their loved ones and will come to their aid at any time of the day or night. Their relationship will be based on the principle of complementarity: a conservative and organized Virgo will help the partner to gain at least a bit of stability and poise. The latter, in turn, will show her all the charms of a spontaneous, free life.

Virgo and Pisces Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in work is often very fruitful: the first one is used to count all the details, analyze present and future prospects, create turn-key projects and successfully implement them. The element of water, thanks to its creative thinking and sharp intuition, can put forward creative ideas, give advice to the partner, to which he would not have thought of because of his conservatism. In order for their relations in business to be comfortable, the sign of the earth will have to control its habit of criticizing and listening more to the colleague.

Due to different temperaments, Virgo with Pisces compatibility in friendship is too shaky. On the one hand, the element of water needs someone more solid and strong — its support and valuable advice. The representative of Mercury reaches out to the partner because of his emotionality and sensitivity, since it is with him that she can open the corridors of her soul and allow herself to be weak. The negative side of their union is that the Neptune and Jupiter wards will often be annoyed because of the compassion of the partner, his excessive correctness and notations. Also in tandem, he will miss emotions and liveliness. Therefore, to be friends, partners will have to make concessions and adjust to each other.

Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

It is impossible to unequivocally characterize the compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in love, for the reason that it can be both ideal and completely impossible. It will depend on the personal horoscopes of partners, their natal charts and on how the stars will converge on the day of their meeting. In one version, they will get acquainted, briefly communicate and, seeing their colossal differences, will disperse in different directions. In another situation, at a meeting between them, a spark will run, which will motivate them to recognize each other deeper and continue communication. And the flame of passion, which will flare up later, will give them strength to work on themselves and their relationships.

Sensual Pisces will help Virgo to unfold on the side with which she did not even know herself, namely, to look inside herself, where the earth element does not like to look, is afraid. It’s easier to live with reason and logic, because it’s so calm and secure: feelings sometimes deprive a person of reason and emotional stability. Pisces, on the contrary, more often live in the intangible world of their inventions. Wards of Mercury will help them to rise to the ground and experience the benefits. Thus, the quality of Virgo’s compatibility with Pisces in the relationship will depend on them and the desires of the partners.

Virgo and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Good compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in bed will have to be achieved, this is due to different approaches and perceptions of intimate life. The cold Virgo does not like and does not understand all these conventions and sensual caresses, she is more concerned with the technique and quality of the act itself. Pisces, on the contrary, prefers long romantic foreplay, during which they start even more.

At first, Virgo will obligingly fulfill all the requests and suggestions of a romantic partner, but in time she may get bored with it. It is more interesting for her to talk on smart topics than to engage in useless gestures. The quality of sexual relations will be higher in the union, where Virgo will be a man, and the woman — the Pisces. Strong sex a priori more concerned about sex, so this arrangement of the sexes in the pair will be more favorable.

Virgo and Pisces Family Compatibility

Good compatibility of Virgo with Pisces in marriage is possible only on the condition that the partners will be guided in the relationship by two main principles — patience for the shortcomings and acceptance of their partner. None of them can fundamentally alter another for themselves, change its values and worldview, so they either reconcile themselves to each other’s shortcomings, or it is better to immediately disperse and not waste time neither one’s own partner.

They have one for two traits, through which they will be able to unite and build a comfortable relationship. It is a love for your home, a desire to protect it and improve the quality of your life. Also, the signs pay special attention to their loved ones and loved ones. The compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in family life can be very beneficial if they understand that they are striving for the same, just in different ways. Having united their efforts and efforts, having learned to agree and make concessions, the spouses will find the long-awaited happiness and tranquility.

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