Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

It would seem that it is possible to combine two different signs of the zodiac, like Virgo and Scorpio? The first belongs to the elements of the earth, which conveys to its wards the firmness of character, the desire for stability and poise. Virgo is hardworking and calculating. These qualities she was awarded by the planet Mercury, which guides her through life. In mythology, this god was considered a master of commerce and communication. Thanks to him, Virgo possesses rational thinking, foresight and ability to plan. Diligence and perseverance help it achieve its goals and have a good material basis. Outwardly, she is restrained, but at heart she is a sensitive romantic.

Self-confident Scorpio in many respects differs from an earth sign. Of the natural elements, he is protected by water, and from the planets — militant Mars. These leaders give their wards a sense of purpose, a violent pressure, bordering on rigidity. He is self-sufficient, selfish and rarely changes his plans for someone. He values honesty and devotion in people. Scorpio is a born leader. All that he wants, somehow magically comes true. No wonder astrologers give his figure a share of mysticism. His nature is very deep, but very few people know about it, since he prefers to keep himself in communication coldly and independently.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Scorpio

At first glance, two different signs of the zodiac actually have many points of contact. Water and land are also different, but very necessary for each other: the soil needs moisture to be fertile, and water flows gain their power only when they have reliable support. The successful compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio is equally built on both their similarity and differences. With different character traits and features, signs can be beneficial to complement each other, merging into something qualitatively new. The impulsiveness of the representative of Mars can be successfully regulated by a balanced Virgo. On the other hand, this same quality in the partner helps her to take more risky steps and get a new life experience.

The vigilance and vision of Virgo, in turn, help the partner to make less unnecessary movements and minimize mistakes. Both seek security: a representative of Mercury through control of herself and others, a Martian with the help of power. Horoscope of compatibility of Virgo with Scorpio promises them a successful relationship, built on the basis of mutual devotion and trust. They are able to cooperate and solve the conflicts that arise between them. Virgo belongs to mutable signs and is able to adapt to various life circumstances and people. In a dispute with a partner, it is easier for her to accept or pretend, because a fixed Scorpio will stand on its own for a long time.

Virgo and Scorpio Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio in work is very high, thanks to the practicality of the first and the purposefulness of the second. Both are endowed with diligence and know how to start the business to the bottom. The Scorpio is interested as an armored personnel carrier. Virgo, endowed with analytical abilities, will take into account all the pros and cons of the joint idea and present it with the ideal plan with step by step instruction. To avoid conflicts, they will have to agree on the distribution of roles in advance. Virgo, in particular, should refrain from severely criticizing the actions of a partner, so as not to cause his irritation.

Good compatibility of Virgo with Scorpio in friendship is possible. Moreover, such relationships can become a long-term, stable connection with time. Both are not averse to gossiping and criticizing others, which none of them admits friendly. At the same time, signs like honesty and their friendship is built on it. Because of this, they trust each other’s most secret secrets. Careful Virgo always sympathetically lends her vest, to which Scorpio drops her miserly tears.

Virgo and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio in love is simply gorgeous, in a different way and not to say. The sign of the water element is hidden and therefore attracts others with its mystery. He seems to be honest, speaks directly and at the same time secretive and inaccessible. Virgo attracts such a character, she wants to know it deeper. Their romantic union is developing very measured and restrained. None of them are in a hurry to plunge into the love pool with their heads, preferring to look closely at their partner. Scorpio has a deep intuition, he scans people with his gaze and therefore immediately understands who is in front of him. Stability and faithfulness of the Virgo in his relations soothe and contribute to the emergence of mutual trust.

The compatibility of Virgo with Scorpio in a relationship metaphorically can be represented in the form of two puzzles, ideally suited to each other. Moisture protects the earth from drying out, while the land directs streams of water. Similarly, Virgo is capable of rational approach to direct a partner, which, in turn, helps her to reveal the inner sensuality hidden in the depths. Such unions are often born at a young age and last a lifetime. Both partners are caring and take care of each other with pleasure. The couple in love with these signs in most cases acquires the status of a legitimate family. In this union, both satisfy their leading need for security, so for them this partnership is overvalued.

Virgo and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

But the compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio in bed is not as ideal as in other areas. This is due to the very different temperaments of the partners and, as a result, excellent views on intimacy. Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac: has a passionate and passionate nature. Driven by the aggressive energy of Mars, under the blanket, he behaves very violently. He needs experiments that will help to get bright emotions and impressions. Often in these aspirations, the water sign tends to dominate and reaches various perversions.

Virgo behaves in sex is very constrained. Her coldness and sensual restraint deprive her of her need for "awesome" sex. She thinks more about his technical aspects. Wild pressure and activity of the partner can simply frighten her away, then she can refuse to lie down with him on the bed of love. Scorpio will have to be more reserved and gradually reveal the emotional world of Virgo. This is possible only over time, when she will get used to the partner, and between them will establish a spiritual intimacy and full trust.

Virgo and Scorpio Family Compatibility

If you do not take into account the difficulties in the sexual sphere, then the compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio in marriage will be almost ideal. Signs can be beneficial in their tandem, gaining a spiritual connection between themselves. By absorbing the best qualities of a partner and being condescending about unwanted ones, the spouses will build a family fortress that will last for many years. Both signs are practical, know how and love to earn, because their house will always be a "full cup". In relation to each other, they are caring, reliable and responsible.

They do not like to advertise their happiness, so rarely does anyone know what is happening in their family. They have few friends, but they are all worthy, since both spouses are selective to their surroundings. The compatibility of Virgo and Scorpio in family life is high due to another similarity: spouses prefer to spend free time equally. In most cases it will be joint walks or cozy homestays. They do not care where, just to be together.

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