Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

If any of the signs and created for each other, it’s the Virgo and Taurus. Both belong to the earthly element, and this means that they feel each other on an intuitive level. Both are striving for stability, permanence and are trying to protect their lives by planning their every step for a long time to come. Intelligent and prudent materialists have foresight, that is, the ability to predict events. If these signs are found in life, then their relationship will be long and strong in any of life spheres. They understand each other perfectly, because they have common views and similar rational thinking. They are easily in the company of each other, because such tandems achieve a lot.

Taurus is governed by Venus, endowing it with romanticism and a sense of beauty. But outwardly the sign of the bull shows its emotions rather sparingly. He takes a long time to look at his partner before revealing himself before him and showing his essence. Taurus seeks to create around itself an environment in which it will be warm, full and beautiful. And for this they have to work hard, in connection with which he is considered a workaholic. Wishing to create a firm ground under his feet, the representative of Venus behaves very purposefully, often showing enviable persistence. He is loyal to himself and to people he considers close.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Taurus

Virgo has many similar qualities with Taurus. It also strives for firmness underfoot, comfortable existence and security. She is hardworking and responsible, accurate in words and actions. Virgo belongs to Mercury — the mythical god of trade. In this regard, she has a good intellect, natural wisdom and developed communication skills. The planet Mercury has two sides: hot and cold. This feature is reflected in the character of her ward: the sign is considered mutable, that is, it can adapt well to changes in the external world, adapt to it with minimal damage. The compatibility of Virgo and Taurus is the most successful, in comparison with other possible combinations of the zodiac.

Horoscope of Virgo compatibility with Taurus promises an excellent relationship. When they meet, they find much in common, and their distinctive traits successfully combine and complement each other. For example, Taurus is a more creative sign, but Virgo is more rational and can help him to separate his ideas from wheat from the chaff. Also, the first is easier to fail, while the second, because of its meticulousness, can make any little detail out of itself. They treat each other with respect, their couple reigns in an atmosphere of trust that only grows stronger from year to year. If they together take on a common cause, then they expect 100% success. Both are unhurried and live measured: this way of life minimizes the number of mistakes that others make in a hurry.

Virgo and Taurus Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Taurus in work is at a high level. They are notorious laborers and simply do not know how to work through their sleeves. In their tandem Taurus submits ideas, and the partner is engaged in planning. Both signs can sit on the task for a long time and stubbornly, they are not afraid of even the most difficult errands. True, sometimes friction can occur between them due to excessive stubbornness of each of them. Therefore, for the greatest compatibility in business, signs need to become more flexible and listen more often to a partner.

The compatibility of Virgo with Taurus in friendship is comfortable for both. Their similar views contribute to mutual understanding. A more calculating representative of Mercury gives a friend practical advice, and he, in turn, gives her more self-confidence. They will always find classes and hobbies that will be of interest to both of them: visiting a theater or an art exhibition is preferable to them, rather than noisy clubs or mass spectacles. Such a friendship can last a lifetime.

Virgo and Taurus Love Compatibility

The successful compatibility of Virgo and Taurus in love gives them their common earthly elements. At them in a steam all occurs silently and easy, without bright passions and loud words. It should be noted that the relations of signs develop gradually and only grow stronger day by day, turning into true, sincere love. Having looked closely at each other, the partners show mutual trust, which excludes jealousy. For them, faithfulness in a couple is something that goes without saying. None of them will not spend energy on groundless suspicions or try to calculate possible changes of another. A forward-looking Virgo immediately sees its benefits from such a partnership: stability and security. Taurus is also sympathetic to the practicality and complaisance partner. "To serve" on two fronts, none of them will not: they prefer to put all their soul and strength into one thing, thus giving their relationship a special value.

As a rule, the Virgo takes a leadership position in their pair, and the stubborn Taurus agrees with this, since it sees its reliability. He surrounds her with warmth and care, receiving in return the same gratitude. They do not need ostentatious oaths of loyalty and love to the grave, because both are realists and assess each other’s devotion to real deeds. The compatibility of Virgo with Taurus in a relationship is almost ideal. The representative of Mercury is characterized by frequent mood swings, and Venus’s wards are enviable stubbornness. But even with this, the couple manages successfully and rarely enters into conflicts.

Virgo and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

In general, the compatibility of Virgo and Taurus in bed can be called satisfactory. Similar worldviews help them find common ground in everyday life. The sign of the earth relies on sensuality, but more strive to achieve physical satisfaction than spiritual closeness. To achieve complete mutual understanding under the blanket, they will need time. The fact is that the Virgo is more emotional and needs new impressions: she wants more variety in the bed.

Taurus, in comparison with her, is a true conservative. It is completely satisfied with monotonous, fantasy-free sexual marathons. On this ground between the signs there may be friction. Taurus will need to understand that relaxedness and experiments in intimate life can not be equated with puritanism or perversions. When he understands this, their sexual sphere will become more harmonious. Virgo also needs to be patient and understanding.

Virgo and Taurus Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo with Taurus in marriage is very high, which heralds a long and lasting alliance. Wards of Venus strive for permanence in life and does not like to jump from a bump to a hummock, so he tries to match up a partner so that to spend with him if not all his life, then at least some vague, but quite a long time. Virgo, in spite of its volatility, also prefers stability: if she creates a family, she will strive in every way to her well-being. In these partners are similar, and this means that they will try for the benefit of their tandem. Adherents of material prosperity, both spouses will work a lot and in every possible way arrange their life, improving physical comfort. They love beautiful, expensive clothes, good food and quality rest.

Children in their pair tend to appear late, because the partners are trying to stand firmly on their feet and acquire a good financial base. And when the offspring appear, it grows in a well-to-do family, surrounded by the warmth of loving parents. The good compatibility of Virgo and Taurus in family life is due to the fact that the spouses are like-minded people who aspire to common well-being. Two loving creators are building their personal world, which no one can destroy. They protect and protect each other, picking up the partner where he is wrong and falls. Their relationship can be called karmic or spiritually related. In most cases, such marriages last a lifetime.

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