Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

Two Virgos reflect the essence of the relationship called "me and my mirror". Astrological twins belong to the earthly elements, and according to their life Mercury is the god of trade and communication. Thanks to him, they are successful organizers of their life in general. Virgos are diligent, careful and responsible, in everything they strive to approach the ideal. They like a stable, safe environment, and therefore plan each step for a long time to come.

The Earth sign is emotional, and in this connection, its mood can often change. This is due to the impact on them of the unstable energy of Mercury, which has two hemispheres: one is in permafrost, the second has an incredibly high temperature, reaching 350 degrees Celsius. At the same time, they are restrained and do not allow themselves any extra expressions of emotion in public. They take a long time to look at people, so they are surrounded only by proven people, in whom they do not doubt. He surrounds the earthly elements with warmth and care, but also controls their life to protect them from difficulties and misses.

Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo and Virgo

True and decent subjects of Mercury will serve each other as a strong support and reliable protection. They are a mirror image of each other, but still have differences due to their individual education and personal horoscope. Initially, they focus on the positive, similar qualities of the partner. If a tandem consists of a man and a woman, then it may seem to them that the astrological twin is the "same" messenger of heaven. But in view of its characteristic feature, criticize everyone and everyone, including themselves, sooner or later they see negative aspects in their partner as well. Despite this, the compatibility of Virgo and Virgo remains at a decently high level, as they realize the value of each other and do not want to destroy what works well.

They are comfortable in each other’s society: they are both calm and reasonable, have rational, strategic thinking, practicality and enviable diligence. The more successful relationship of a Virgo compatibility horoscope with a Virgo promises to partners who are either young and therefore can quickly get used to, or have a noticeable age difference, and then the older, more experienced representative of the Earth element will lead their union.

Virgo and Virgo Business Compatibility

The successful compatibility of Virgo and Virgo in work brings good results. They are characterized by perseverance, perseverance and the ability to plan effectively. If one representative of Mercury achieves good results, then two partners of this sign will be able to multiply their fruits without problems twice. To avoid possible conflicts because of the habit of teaching another mind, they must first agree on who will be in charge of their team.

The compatibility of Virgo and Virgo in friendship is at a high level, both in the female-male variant and in the same-sex combination. This sign is different in that having chosen a partner, and it does not matter in which sphere, is ready for a lot for its sake. He will patronize, care for and sincerely worry about the fate of a loved one. With whom horrible Virgo will not be vested, so if you managed to get into the number of her friends, it means that you could stock her in the soul, and she really values you. In friendship, the sign of the earthly element is very faithful, always comes to the rescue and will put up a shoulder. Such relationships can last a lifetime and even grow into communication with families.

Virgo and Virgo Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Virgo in love can be envied. When they meet, they recognize each other gradually, without forcing events. Representatives of Mercury are not accustomed to open immediately: they need time to look at the other, to understand that they are really a worthy person. Such restraint suits both, because they are not characterized by passion and impatience. Virgo — hidden romance, but will show this quality carefully and timidly, as if groping for the partner’s response. Relations develop gradually: since stability is the key to their balance and tranquility, everything is obvious and predictable between them.

If they argue, everything happens in calm tones and without smashing the dishes. Reconciliation is also quiet and peaceful. Cries and fights land signs prefer quiet, diplomatic negotiations, in which each of the partners alternately expresses its arguments and arguments. The compatibility of Virgo with Virgo in the relationship is high for the reason that they belong to the mutable signs of the horoscope. This characterizes them as mutable, capable of quickly adapting and adapting to the environment. Under the influence of tender feelings towards another, they are able to accept it as it is. This same property helps them to maintain unpleasant or not having a spiritual affinity, but a materially beneficial relationship. By the way, this explains the fact that among Virgos, there are many who enter into a marriage union not for love, but for convenience.

Virgo and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Virgo and Virgo in bed is also favorable because they treat sex in a very special way. The average level of energy, restraint, and sometimes coldness, contribute to the fact that partners do not have a constant need for sex and do not quite understand the meaning of the word lust. No, of course, they regularly engage in amorous pleasures, but do it more with the goal of moral pleasure, rather than physical.

Virgo gets pleasure when she can satisfy a partner. In this regard, she always goes on about a more active partner, fulfilling all his whims and desires in bed. And since their representatives of the earth element are not endowed with a rich imagination and do not know what to ask of each other, often instead of active sexual pleasures they receive long intellectual conversations. The initiator and the leader in their intimate relationships are more likely to be a man, since to nature the nature itself punished "to breed and multiply", giving them greater interest in carnal pleasures.

Virgo and Virgo Family Compatibility

The road to the registrar occupies pragmatic landmarks for a long time, because they must be sure of the correctness of the choice of a partner and its reliability. In this case, the probability of error is very low, since the compatibility of Virgo with Virgo in marriage is considered to be very fruitful astrology. In their pair reigns harmony and pacification. They love a comfortable life, and their diligence allows them to provide themselves with everything they need and need. Both spouses strive to equip their nest as comfortably as possible, investing all the earned capital into it. They trust each other in finance, as both are thrifty and economical.

Due to the similarity of temperaments, the two Virgos prefer the same hobbies, have the same interests and preferences in organizing recreation. A man in such a family spends all his free time with his family, and not among friends at a bar counter. The compatibility of Virgo and Virgo in family life is getting stronger from year to year. Their natural sense of jealousy subsides because of uselessness, since there is full trust between them. Offspring appear in their family "on schedule", when the young couple will stand firmly on their feet and will be confident that they will be able to give their children everything they need. Women in this family are sensitive, caring mothers and wives. Men are responsible for earners, attentive fathers and husbands.

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