Cancer-Leo Cusp

Cancer-Leo Cusp Dates: July 19 – July 25

Zodiac Position: approximately 26° Cancer – 3° Leo

Name of the Cusp: Oscillation

Seasons of the Year: Mid Summer

Zodiac Elements: Water / Fire

Ruling Planets: Moon / Sun

Zodiac Symbols: Cancer ♋ / Leo ♌

Mode Dominants: Feeling / Intuition

It’s a week of oscillation in energies. This can be linked with the age of some one when it is starting in his career. When a man starts first step towards making history. This is the time when this cusp gets activated in implementing its real plan for the better future. Generally the combination of water and sign is extra ordinary and warmth in relationship.

Those born under this sign are generally masculine oriented and have feminine sensuality. Such Characteristics makes men highly contrasting as well very influential personality too. If they are in mood they can take out all your stress but It are not in, They can put you in deep stress. They generally have dramatic changes in them. People who knows them can only dare to converse with them. They can be resistance to emotional manipulation, and easily bend towards kind attitude.

At love and war they are highly competitive can result in the most sticky soldiers at both the fronts. They always keep their colleague happy and delegate their duties and authority to the sense of responsibility of course they have tendency of taking risk and play danger at some situation. What they come out of that soon because of their decision making powers in them. Many of them are emotionally blocked and prone to depression too. Those born under this cusp should walk on a fine line to keep their mental balance intact. Because they bore easily and they excite easily. In friendship they can equally divide their, energies between both sexier. They can be wonderful when they make promises. They can be faithful to our two or even three at one time.

Cancer-Leo Personality

Persons born on the Cancer-Leo Cusp can be a bit volatile, swinging quickly from one extreme to another. Movement of one sort or another is familiar to them; physical movement, emotional movement it is all one and the same to them. They often appear shy one minute and then they are stealing the spotlight the next.

Combining Fire and Water together in a Cancer-Leo Cusp makes for an interesting study. Their vibrant energy is tempered by emotional sensitivity. In turn, their emotions are tempered by the intense ambition they have. They are graceful and strong. Both attributes serve them well.

The fastest way to success for Cancer-Leo is to even out their highs and lows. Learning to maintain stability can pay off for them in a big way. Self-discipline can be attained without losing their spontaneity. By finding their calm center, they can remain confident in themselves.

Cancer-Leo is sensitive to criticism. They may come across as so self-assured that they appear to be living in a fantasy world. They have a strong affinity to food. Imaginative in the kitchen, they can work miracles with a meal. They enjoy pleasure and social gatherings. They don’t care to be alone most of the time. They are devoted to their partner. They are generous and creative in their relationships with others. They are good at empathizing with their loved ones.

The Cusp of Oscillation creates people who are traditional, nurturing, flamboyant, ambitious, sensitive, proud, creative, expressive, inspiring, cheerful, practical, romantic, passionate, realistic, generous and emotional. They may also suffer from self-centeredness, hyper-sensitivity, and have dependency issues.

Cancer-Leo may be an intellectual genius or they may be unscrupulous. They have excellent memories. They don’t forget any detail ever. They are fair, and will stand by both friend and foe in times of struggle. At the same time, they may have trouble letting go of grudges or slights they feel, whether real or imagined.

This sign can conflict with Cancer’s need for solitude and Leo’s need to be the center of attention. If they can reach a comfortable balance, they will be much happier. Since both signs are affectionate and devoted, this rarely causes disruption unless they stray from their partner. Both signs hold family dear and love to spend time in their home. While Leo can stand up to some emotional bruising, Cancer cannot. They may be hurting deep inside and putting on a brave face. While Cancer makes their presence known through their works, Leo likes to make a splash. Those born on the Cancer-Leo Cusp may end up somewhere in between shy with a bit of flamboyance. Both like to be in control, so this sign may end up trying to run the lives of their family members.

Cancer-Leo Cusp: Strength and Weakness

They can be morally courageous exciting but fluctuating, addictive and depressions.

Advice for Cancer-Leo

Try to balance high and low. Stability brings harmony Try to be free from your past problem for future happiness. Pace your self for the long and sturdy run.

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