Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp Dates: November 19 – November 24

Zodiac Position: approximately 26° Scorpio – 3° Saggitarius

Name of the Cusp: Revolution

Seasons of the Year: Late Fall

Zodiac Elements: Water / Fire

Ruling Planets: Pluto (subruler Mars) / Jupiter

Zodiac Symbols: Scorpio ♏ / Sagittarius ♐

Mode Dominants: Feeling / Intuition

This is mixture of 8th sign of zodiac. This is combination of deep energies and emotional attitude, of Course intuitive of Sagittarius also. This is a period which represents new life of human beings. It has the most revolutionary sight also which gives a man total reorganization and popularity, born under this cusp. They are bomb throwing revolutionary. This attitude make to work for human rights and secrete projects. Discuss often fight against sloppiness, in efficiencies stupidity and conservations. They are always capable of bold and reviving style of themselves. Most Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp are highly rich or very poor.

Their autocrat and heroic. Discuss is usually aware of their earlier mistakes and they are aware of present corrections. Because of their revolutionary nature they often fight out their scary nature and lid for the successful life. Their imaginations and determinations always reach them their goals and make them total result oriented.

They can easily be seduced and enchant others whether purposely or otherwise. Along with that they always keep defensive instincts also. Because of their charm and magnetic personality they are the most patient individuals. They can be easily emotional and make others emotional. They tend to private and prone to be in their inner world. An invitation to visit them can be a true gift because they are the best at their hospitality.

Scorpio-Sagittarius Personality

Individuals born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp like to rebel against authority. Ironically, some will find themselves in positions of authority in later life, and they will use their authority with skill. They fare very well when they own their own business. If they work for others, they do best when they are allowed to work on their own.

Scorpio-Sagittarius may be wild, especially when young. This may be due to them feeling different from their peers. They may choose not to bother learning a trade so they can live a conventional life, but on the other hand, they may experience circumstances when young that may give them a sense of purpose.

To succeed, Scorpio-Sagittarius should follow their vision. They should remain honest and pure in their motivations. They need to learn to be objective, so they can stand back and observe how they are doing. They need to learn to forgive others and be less possessive.

Scorpio-Sagittarius can be very suspicious and jealous if they are not careful. This can keep them from attaining their potential. If they focus on their passions and awareness instead, they can learn to rise above the pettiness and do well. They are friendly and outgoing. Many have a terrific sense of humor. Some may find them a bit argumentative, but they really want to learn not offend others. High spirited and enthusiastic, Scorpio-Sagittarius may be flirtatious and fun to have around.

They love competitions of all kinds, especially those that pit them against one other person. They may enjoy gambling and seem to know Lady Luck personally. They enjoy debate and drama. In relationships, Scorpio-Sagittarius is playful, caring and may become possessive. They don’t allow boredom to affect their projects, and they truly want to see every project through to the end.

The Cusp of Revolution is progressive, powerful, determined, honest, independent and good humored. They may be playful, loyal, confident and generous. They are also known for their stubbornness, possessiveness, suspiciousness, impatience, vanity and temper.

Those born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp learn quickly and well. They are fearless. It is very difficult for them to wait passively. They may be annoyingly pessimistic. They appreciate it when they receive praise for a job well done. They may have an incredible academic mind, and would make a good teacher, researcher or consultant. They may also excel at writing or publishing. They are adventurous and courageous, so travel intrigues them. They may also show interest in the occult and other similar subjects. They are very sensitive, but they don’t like to show their vulnerability.

Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp: Strength and Weakness

They are loyal, gutsy and rich but wild revolutionary and combative.

Advice for Scorpio-Sagittarius

Try to be less possessive in spite of being observer. Try to be more motioriented. Remember that honesty is the best policy.

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