Aries Decans

The Aries Star Sign is the first in the Zodiac and begins at the Spring Equinox. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac, Arians are true leaders and love to have many followers. Aries comes from the element of fire and as such Arians display a fiery, passionate and enthusiastic nature.

The Aries Star Sign is represented by the Ram and comes under the influence of the powerful planet of Mars. Strength, power and leadership qualities make up the personality of the Arian.

Aries First Decan (March 21st - 30th)

This Aries/MARS decan of Aries is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. Aries - natural ruler of the first house of personality and appearance - -makes you the possessor of an accented ego. You are not much of a "me-too" person; you are the real "I-am" type. While this ascendant can give you an abundance of energy and drive, it can result in many ego clashes with others if you fail to control your tendency to come on too strong. Some people may feel somewhat threatened by you.

Mars is both the ruler and Subruler, accentuating the personality with extra force and impact. Being a dominant person sometimes being too aggressive. Mars, in double influence, shapes almost all Aries-Aries Decan into highly energized pistols of raw drive. I’ll bet they don’t sleep much. All that MARS-Mars and the behavior of an Aries-Aries is usually a mixture of lively and highly measured responses. Capable of swinging quickly from spontaneity to thoughtfulness, Aries-Aries belong in positions of authority, with projects that are actually more like missions in their own terminology.

Aries-Aries is best suited for intimate relationships with energetic individuals who are willing to leave them the freedom to act and to be themselves, without attempting to place restrictions on them. The person best suited for Aries 1st decan is down to earth and has a good sense of humor, the ability to put things in perspective and lead a life of his or her own.

First Decan Aries are impetuous, energetic and tend to throw themselves into activities with all their heart. They have so much self-confidence, they’re clear on what is important and they pursue their priorities. There is something about an Aries-Aries openly aggressive personality that makes them endearing. A person of conviction, they will never take an action that they think is wrong. Aries-Aries are clear, incisive thinkers and can carry a plan to conclusion.

Aries Second Decan (March 31st - April 9th)

The sub-influences of this Leo/SUN decan can induce interesting differences and vartations. Leo-natural ruler of the fifth house of creativity, chance-taking, pleasure, and youthfulness - can furnish you with a lot of individual zest for originality. Your potential for coming up with new, daring, and unique ideas, discoveries and inventions is great. Aries gives you dynamism and courage; fixed-sign Leo keeps you plugging away until you succeed. Fortunately you do not have the tendency to go off "half-cocked". The Sun adds warmth and brightness to your personality and appearance.

Aries-Leo Decan is mellowed by the golden glow of the sun, the planet that influences Leo. The Sun in this decan gives the Aries-Leo a mark of nobility; a sense of pride that stands them apart from the rest of the Aries decans. The Sun here indicates a great fondness for change. Aries-Leo is never content to take things as they come. Aries-Leo who remain balanced and relaxed and who keep their energy freely flowing are certainly individuals to be admired. Aries 2nd decan have an ardent and excitable love nature, they seek pleasure out of life.

Aries-Leo are usually adored by the select few that they do allow into their inner circle. Aries-Leo are militantly protective of family and friends. An insult to someone close to an Aries-Leo is an insult to him or her. When it comes to a competitive, will-to-win kind of spirit, Aries-Leo have few equals. The upside of this driving energy is the ability to implement their often visionary and courageous ideals. Best suited for an Aries-Leo is someone who can get right in there with them and share their frustrations and joys. Those who can keep up with them often make successful partners and mates for them.

Those born during the Second Decan Aries period are highly goal oriented. Aries-Leo have an eloquent, gracious manner of speech, they can dazzle and charm whenever they choose. Aries-Leo never, ever take loyalty for granted, going to great lengths to show their appreciation. For that matter they rarely take anything for granted, fueled as they are by MARS and the Sun, the two greatest sources of vital energy.

Aries Third Decan (April 10th - 20th)

The sub-influences of this Sagittarius/JUPITER decan can induce some interesting externalized characteristics and personality differences. Sagittarius - natural ruler of the ninth house of the higher mind; persons, matters, and things at or from a difference; long-distance travel; religion and philosophy - causes you to be interested in "mental matters". While you have the strong Aries/Mars drive, you are more able to modify your approach so that you can adjust from a "hard push" to a "soft pedal" if the former seems not to be appropriate or working as well as it should.

No question, aggressive as any Aries must be, but flexible to an extent that no other Aries can be. Jupiter is usually seen as the planet of expansion. Aries-Sagittarius life is simply a treasure trove of possibilities to be explored. The expansion qualities of Jupiter combine with the Aries MARS that gives them a wide or lofty outlook, a love of ambitious ideas and of travel. Aries 3rd decan resents restriction of any kind and prize their personal freedom. For an Aries-Sagittarius, the perfect life is to be successful doing something creative, where they are in charge and call all the shots.

Aries-Sagittarius shows more group involvement than is traditional for the sign of Aries, much more social in nature. The Aries-Sagittarius is highly protective towards their friends and family. Best suited for an Aries-Sagittarius is an active fun-loving person with a positive outlook on life. The Aries-Sagittarius individuals are usually ready to listen and are generous with their energy. Due to their intensely positive attitude they have little time for nagging or complaining.

The style of an Third Decan Aries gives them the focus to get to the top, while the influences of Jupiter allows them to try approaches of getting to the top in ways that others never imagined. Imagination is in fact one of their best attributes. The Sagittarius brings out quite the philosopher and the Aries drive keeps them from wandering off into left field. Aries-Sagittarius are highly observant, and don’t miss out on opportunities that pass others by. When an Aries-Sagittarius restlessness is calmed, they have what it takes to put unusual ideas into action.

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