Gemini Decans

The Gemini Star Sign is the third in the Zodiac. Of all the star Signs of the Zodiac Gemini has the ability to see both sides of any argument. The Gemini Star sign is represented by the Twins and comes under the influence of the planet of Mercury.

Mercury has power over the mind, intellect and thought processes. Because of this Geminis are normally highly intelligent, deep thinkers and are drawn to careers related to science. The Gemini Star Sign is from the element of air which again relates to the power of the mind.

Gemini First Decan (May 22nd - 31st)

This Gemini/MERCURY decan is, of course, the most typical. Much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. Gemini - natural ruler of the third house of the conscious mind, communication, experience, and experimenting-w ell may give you a sharp, above-average intellect. What you do with this is, of course, up to you. You could become a good salesperson, writer, teacher of any number of subjects in the broad field of communications; you might work in these areas as well. Or, you could become a flighty, gossipy, scatterbrain whom others may find an interesting novelty for a while but won’t want to become too involved for long.

Mercury is both the ruler and subruler, the Gemini-Gemini mental acumen is sharp, the result is a person who can almost defy the rules of gravity. They are so multitalented and have so many diverse interests. They are without a doubt able to do four things at once and practically be in four places at once. The Gemini-Gemini is considered the ambidextrous juggler of the zodiac. A Gemini-Gemini is a purebred. They have developed a strong point of view on five catalogs worth of subjects. Their belief system is constant in this ever-changing world. Gemini 1st decan has clear, refreshing, new approaches that are well formed.

Resilient, they will not quit valuable relationships easily, instead, they hang in there, letting go of resentments. Bright, energetic and alert, Gemini-Gemini are high-speed players who get impatient with other people’s slower responses. Best suited for the Gemini-Gemini are listeners that hear them out patiently, no matter how long it takes. They do tire of routine quickly; from time to time they need to change the structure of their most intimate relationship by going on romantic weekend getaways, to keep from being bored. They are highly seductive and few can resist their often-considerable sex appeal.

First Decan Gemini enjoy new ideas and look for chances to express themselves. They have a forceful personality because they are able to decide quickly and then act. Logic and rationality are two rules they live by. When a Gemini-Gemini is in their element and have found a purpose that speaks to all the gusto of their soul, they can take off to places and experiences that are simply never attained by ninety-nine percent of the population. Gemini-Gemini sticks up for what they believe is right and will not hesitate to attack wrongdoing in any form. Be it moral or practical, the Gemini-Gemini believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do things, and that only the right way will yield uniformly positive results.

Gemini Second Decan (June 1st - 10th)

The important sub-influences of this Libra/VENUS decan can induce numerous rather interesting differences and variations, Libra - natural ruler of the seventh house of marriage, partnerships, close associates, associations, and legal matters - will incline you to be more of a "me-too" rather than an "I-am" person. Your relationships with others are extremely important and may either make or break your life. Because of this important fact, you need to be especially careful in the selection of companions/associates. The choice of a mate is, of course, of the utmost importance. Avoid rushing into a situation while you’re too young to know what you’re doing.

Harmonious Venus combines with Mercury to give Gemini-Libra a deft social touch. It is the combination of the energized Mercury, with a soothing, loving Venus that usually keeps Gemini-Libra in a healthy equilibrium. Gemini-Libra are lucky to others and the luck seems to follow them wherever they go. Gemini strives on change and Libra works to establish an equilibrium. Their Venus/Libra influence is their salvation, because it makes them artful in their judgments and full of affection for those they do judge.

Best suited for Gemini-Libra cares about what they have to say and is interested in devoting time to listen. Healthy doses of affection provide an easy, nonverbal form of communication, making Gemini-Libra feel appreciated, loved and reinforcing their need to share. Gemini 2nd decan are drawn to quiet, reserved people. Not only do opposites attract, but also the dark side of life secretly fascinates Gemini-Libra. Gemini-Libra matches up well with practical types who can get the job done with little fuss or excitement. A person that will ground, refine and implement the Gemini-Libra.

People respond to the Second Decan Gemini warm and effusive nature. There is a sense of adventure in their outlook, and they enjoy travel because it exposes them to new experiences. Once they have made up their mind about a pursuit, they eagerly give it their best effort. Sharing is part of the Gemini-Libra life; they are generous with their time and friendship and also with possessions. Gemini-Libra have a great deal of sex appeal and are ardent in their expression of love. They are sharp, witty, a delight to have around for any occasion and instinctively know how not to rock the boat when they choose.

Gemini Third Decan (June 11th - 21st)

The sub-influences of this Aquarius/URANUS decan can induce interesting external characteristics and personality differences. Aquarius - natural ruler of the eleventh house of friends, hopes, and wishes-inclines you to he very much a social type, a friend-oriented individual. You live an important percentage of your life through your relationships with others. You have an inherent desire to want to reform beliefs and situations for the benefit of all, not just a select few. You are optimistic, believing (often mistakenly) that the better side of people ultimately will out.

Uranus, planet of knowledge, combines with Mercury gives Gemini-Aquarius clear and perceptive reasoning powers. The planet Uranus brings to the Gemini-Aquarius two distinct traits. First, Uranus considered one of the “newer” planets; Gemini-Aquarius stride will always be in the forefront of their culture. They are known for their original point of view and other people often seek their advice. Second, Uranus is the planet of uncharted possibilities. Its presence in the Gemini-Aquarius, (interacting with mental Mercury), makes Gemini-Aquarius the ultimate opportunist. The primary drive of a Gemini 3rd decan is to go beyond limitations imposed by society and nature. Gemini-Aquarius are never happier when they are on the move: probing, testing, tasting and exploring the most interesting things life has to offer.

Life is never dull with a Gemini-Aquarius around. Gemini-Aquarius has an undeniable tendency to please others through charm. Insightful about the needs of those around them, they can be powerfully persuasive in a subtle manner. They know how to get their way with people and capture the hearts of their mates and friends. Those suited best for Gemini-Aquarius will understand their need to strike out on their own, and will not try to bind them. Gemini-Aquarius can be faithful, however, their partner should only make few demands on their fidelity and give them room to breathe. Attempts to hold Gemini-Aquarius to strict obligations and a formal routine are usually doomed to failure.

Third Decan Gemini is ranked as the most independent of all Gemini’S, no one can influence them in their decisions, and they have the supreme gift of persuasion. The seductive qualities of Gemini-Aquarius feel the need to experiment with their lovers before settling down with their choice of partner. They are both witty and loquacious and are never reluctant to say what they think. Their whole life could and should be an adventure that very few will ever experience.

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