Leo Decans

The Leo Star sign is the fifth in the Zodiac. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac Leos are the most dramatic and forever like to be in the limelight. The Leo Star Sign is represented by the Lion and comes under the influence of the Sun.

The powerful Sun shines down on Leos and gives them a brightness, radiance and sunny positive personality. The Leo Star Sign is from the element of fire and as such indicates great passion, enthusiasm and positive energy.

Leo First Decan (July 23rd - August 1st)

This Leo/SUN decan is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but, yes, there is more. The fixed nature of this decan gives you a tremendous amount of added staying power. Once you set out to accomplish anything, you will persist regardless of the obstacles until you succeed. Added to this determination is the cardinal (driving) nature of this first decan which can help to supply the energy and stamina to persist.

The Sun is both the ruler and Subruler, which makes the Leo-Leo doubly under its kindly disposed influence. Take every stereotype you’ve ever heard about a Leo and double it. With double Leo-Leo and double Sun they are a warm-blooded creature seven days a week, four seasons a year. Leo 1st decan loves the beach or the swimming pool for basking in the rays. Tropical climates suit them best; by the way don’t forget that the jungle is their natural habitat. Cheery and charming twenty-four hours a day. Leo-Leo takes disappointment in stride and only when they feel that they have been criticized unfairly does the Leo-Leo show anything but a smile.

Realistic Leo-Leo will not have disproportionately high expectations of co-workers and mates but will only expect the best of which they are capable. Leo-Leo can make loyal and faithful friends. The best suited for a Leo-Leo must themselves be prepared to show areas of kindness, patience and understanding in abundance. Successful spouses of Leo-Leo know how to keep the romantic flame alive through a combination of variety, skill and imagination. Those who live and work most successfully with Leo-Leo are those whose attitudes are open, determined and optimistic. Leo-Leo are usually passionate people.

First Decan Leo is pure concentrated charm, energy, dignity, pride, heat and ego. There is no getting around the fact that when Leo-Leo are good they are great. They usually greet each day with a fresh outlook to new possibilities at hand. Leo-Leo are so willing to forgive and forget that they almost never hold a grudge. Leo-Leo usually have big plans for themselves, their first passion is in their career. The most adorable thing about a Leo-Leo is their generosity and their unusual, elaborate choices of gifts. When a Leo-Leo enters the room the energy level just seems to rise.

Leo Second Decan (August 2nd - 12th)

The important sub-influences of this Sagittarius/JUPITER decan can cause numerous and rather interesting differences. The Jupiter influence tends to amplify, enlarge, and magnify the more traditional Leo characteristics. You may be taller and/or larger than first-or third-decan Leo-rising individuals. The head often is quite large. The smile is broadly beaming and may reveal very large white teeth; they may fit the description of "star’s teeth". Many of you will need to be careful with diet, especially as the years begin to count up, if you wish to avoid what could become a bothersome or even serious weight problem.

The planet Jupiter combined with Leo’s ruler, the Sun, accenting intellectual and visionary qualities. The Sagittarius that is governed by Jupiter involves the need for expansion. The quality of Leo with all the charm combined with a heavy dose of fun-loving, free-spirited Sagittarius. Leo-Sagittarius are ambitious, but not just for money; what they want is to know more, to accumulate more intelligence. Solid and tough, Leo-Sagittarius do not back down from challenges, in fact, they thrive on them and are often at their best when facing problems and difficulties.

Leo-Sagittarius are extraordinarily faithful people. They see themselves as champions of the downtrodden and protectors of the weak. Leo 2nd decan despises exclusion, condescension and they dislike insincerity or pretension. Those best suited for Leo-Sagittarius know how to use sensual persuasion and a fun-loving outlook to keep their partners happy. Leo-Sagittarius must not be pushed or prodded when in a negative frame of mind but rather must be left alone to work things out for themselves.

Second Decan Leo dream up big plans and they put those plans into action with swift and versatile maneuvering. They play just as hard as they work, one of the secrets of why they are usually so successful at whatever they do. Without a doubt Leo-Sagittarius biggest asset is their courage along with the philosophical thinking that comes to them from their Sagittarian influence. They can literally reason away unfounded worries, saving themselves hours of wasted energy.

Leo Third Decan (August 13th - 23rd)

The sub-influences of this Aries/MARS decan can induce some quite exciting and interesting characteristics. Leo’s Sun rulership gives much power and warmth; Mars’ sub-influence of this decan adds the ability to concentrate and focus this Sun-given power so that it can be utilized most efficiently for whatever might need to be accomplished. If you use this tremendously-potent energy wisely, there are few things that can stand for long in the way of your progress in life.

The aggressive planet Mars combines with Leo’s Sun to underline the Leo-Aries impetuousness and will power. These Leo-Aries are more Aries than they are Leo’s. They are Daring, Driven, and almost Diabolical with a capital D when it comes to achieving their aims. Mars gives drive to the Leo-Aries and is simply a channel to Leo steadfast destination, taming and pacing the Aries impulses. The word active can basically describe most facets of their life. Action-packed and a keen foresight that comes from a love of learning, they never make the same mistake twice.

Leo-Aries must see their endeavors bear fruit. They plunge into new projects with verve, watching their restructuring and its implementation bloom is enormously satisfying to them; conversely, seeing their efforts fail is usually intolerable. Leo 3rd decan inspires tremendous loyalty, respect and love in others. Those best suited for Leo-Aries are the more clever partners that know exactly how to soothe the savage lion or lioness. Those involved in love affairs with Leo-Aries may appreciate their searing intensity and almost total involvement. In personal relationships, people are never in doubt about where they stand with a Leo-Aries.

As interested as the Third Decan Leo are in furthering their multifold purposes, they are genuinely and deeply curious about other people and their cultures. Leo-Aries are somehow able to extract the most intimate details from practical strangers. They are excellent listeners and they will only dole out advice if it’s solicited. Leo-Aries are also good planners, well capable of organizing an effective plan of attack and seeing it through.

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