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The Pisces star sign is the twelfth and last of the Zodiac. Of all the Star Signs of the zodiac, Pisceans are the most mysterious and psychic. The Pisces Star Sign is represented by the two Fish and comes under the influence of the planet Neptune. The planet Neptune rules intuition, inspiration, dreams and illusions. Because of this, most Pisceans are seen as day dreamers.

The Pisces star sign is from the element of water and relates to the emotions. Add this to the natural psychicness of Pisceans and you have a powerful intuitive and sensitive person.

Pisces First Decan (February 19th - 29th)

This Pisces/NEPTUNE decan is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. Pisces makes for versatility and adaptability, and enhances your sense of rhythm. You are attuned to the "beat" of life. Neptune’s influence can soften your personality and your appearance. Seldom are you aggressive or offensive as you go about handling everyday matters. You know that showing kindness and courtesy will usually get you what you really want and need. Neither do you respond well to or appreciate those who neglect to use kindness and courtesy in dealing with you.

Neptune, planet of illusion, is both their ruler and subruler, which emphasize creativity and imagination. With double Neptune in force, Pisces-Pisces are able to connect with other people’s emotions on an unconscious level, almost hearing what they are thinking and anticipate their next moves. Maybe they haven’t experienced this side of themselves or they just take it for granted. Pisces 1st decan double style will take them through a lot of detours before arriving at their final destination.

For Pisces-Pisces love is probably tempestuous, for they have deep passions. A blend of a spiritual and a sensual approach is at the heart of their personalities. Those best suited for Pisces-Pisces are communicative, lively and engaged in the personal pursuit of health or are advocates of it. The stability of Pisces-Pisces relationships will be enhanced if they take on firm responsibilities around the home. Pisces-Pisces always remains loyal and devoted once they have given their heart.

Pisces-Pisces has a youthful air that can be deceiving to the eye of their actual age. It is important for them to lead a healthy life, so as to increase not only the longevity but also the quality of their existence. A desire to do good for mankind is a characteristic of the First Decan Pisces. The devotional and service-oriented side of Pisces-Pisces urges them to give up their own wants, making them humble to their need to give pleasure and benefit to others. Pisces-Pisces usually makes for incredible parenting roles.

Pisces Second Decan (March 1st - 10th)

The sub-influences for this decan are Cancer/MOON. Cancer - natural ruler of the fourth house of home base, family, and security - likely causes you to be very close to family members, whether this closeness is a positive or negative influence varies. You may find it a bit difficult to break parental ties and become independent, but you must do so if you want to realize more of your potential. Close physical resemblance to your mother and/or father is typical. It is important to you to parent your own children, build your family unit, and to provide for and love those who are such an important part of your life.

The receptive Moon combines with the spiritual influence of Neptune, and heightens Pisces-Cancer awareness to others. As Pisces decans go the Pisces-Cancer is emotionally the most balanced of all. Pisces-Cancer combo is the best sense of humor to ever hit any decan. The Pisces-Cancer can span from the silliest, to the spaciest, to the darkest zones. As children of the Moon, as well as Neptune, they’re always budding with artistic creations.

Pisces-Cancer are a romantic at heart and love is a transforming experience for them. Pisces 2nd decan are great admirers of sensuous beauty, particularly in people, paintings and their surroundings generally show some kind of special touch. Those best suited for Pisces-Cancer have something alluring about them and are someone who appreciates simple things that most take for granted. Pisces-Cancer sees a distinct difference between being lonely (which they rarely are) and being alone, (which they are often). They are capable of spending hours with a good book, so their companion will eventually learn not to intrude on their privacy and space.

Pisces-Cancer observations are keen, they are able to gather ideas and transform them with their own unique vision. Social occasions enable them to display their special charm with people and a knack for witty conversation that is one of their strong points. Second Decan Pisces are the geniuses of the zodiac. It would be impossible for them not to be creative. No wonder they are always thirsty or hungry, they are always working up such an appetite. This Pisces-Cancer pattern says that destiny finds them and when it does it happens fast. Anything can happen if the Pisces-Cancer lets themselves dream that it might.

Pisces Third Decan (March 11th - 20th)

The sub-influences for this decan are Scorpio/PLUTO. Scorpio - natural ruler of the eighth house of desire, willpower, drive and determination - offers you practically all you need to push through to success in most that you attempt - if you utilize some of this potential power in a positive manner. While the Pisces influence alone might incline to "wishy-washiness," you don’t have to be hindered by this less-than-productive influence. You possess the artistic creativity of Pisces/Neptune; but unlike too many of your first-decan friends, you can persist long enough to make your inspirations become realities in the material world.

Mars, planet of initiative, strength, and driving force to Pisces’s ruling planet Neptune and underlines their need for activity and outlets. Being the completion of the zodiac wheel, the point at which the whole circle starts over again into Aries and pick up even more driving force. Enormously receptive to their environment, they store impressions in their subconscious and then produce them at the opportune time.

Love motivates many of Third Decan Pisces decisions. Pisces-Scorpio are finely attuned to the wants and needs of others. Often highly empathic, they are good listeners and are quite able to relate to and make sense of other people’s points of view. Those best suited for Pisces-Scorpio is someone who can make the Pisces 3rd decan feel that they count that they matter. Comfort loving, Pisces-Scorpio know how to make life pleasant for themselves and for others.

Often visionary in thought, Pisces-Scorpio has an intensely practical side and often well-developed technical or scientific skills. It is important to them to take an active hand in whatever is going on around them and to help other people. To an unusual degree, however, their lives are ruled by fate and at a certain point, perhaps between the ages of twenty-eight and forty-two, a call will come to them in the form of a great challenge.

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