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The Scorpio Star Sign is the eighth in the Zodiac. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac Scorpions are the most seductive and scintillating. They are very attracting and alluring to others. The Scorpio Star Sign is represented by the Scorpion and comes under the influence of the planet Pluto.

The planet Pluto rules transformation. Scorpions are forever seeking renewal and transformation. The Scorpio Star Sign is from the element of water which relates to emotions, sensitivity and intuition. Because of this Scorpions are often the victims of deep-felt emotions and dark moods.

Scorpio First Decan (October 24th - November 2nd)

This Scorpio/PLUTO decan of Scorpio rising is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. The fixed nature of Scorpio gives you a tremendous amount of tenacity (staying power). Once you set out to accomplish anything, you will persist regardless of the obstacles until you finally succeed. Aiding this determination is the cardinal sub-influence of this first decan, which can help to supply you with the stamina, energy, and drive to persist very actively.

Mars is both Scorpio-Scorpio ruler and Subruler, although some astrologers take the position that Pluto is sole ruler of Scorpio. First of all, Pluto was only discovered in the 1930’s. For thousands of years astrology has done wonders understanding Scorpio via the planet Mars. Pluto’s impact on the personality of the individual is relatively weak and distracts observers from seeing the essence of their true beat. That would be, of course, their active Mars aggression, the driving positive force inside of them. Although cannot completely discount the importance of Pluto, especially since Pluto is and will continue to be in Scorpio for several years to come.

Scorpio-Scorpio are loyal and steadfast and others quickly sense they can depend on them. They will stand by a lover long after others in the same situation would let go. Once they let go, however, there is usually no turning back. Those best suited for a Scorpio 1st decan are equipped with a great sense of humor, active in pursuing their goals, independent and they love compliments. Scorpio-Scorpio usually refuses to accept excuses for lateness or for missing an appointment without being notified altogether forgetfulness.

First Decan Scorpio are drawn to the mysterious but may keep this a secret. Scorpio-Scorpio has great power of self-discipline should they choose to use it. More than most people, Scorpio-Scorpio have a charged sunny side, which gives them radiance, and a seductive charm that can melt the hardest hearts. Lovers will attest to the highs of intimate relations with the Scorpio-Scorpio and friends know the warmth and good feeling that they engender. Scorpio-Scorpio are often excellent mimics, imitating accents, gestures and movements equally well.

Scorpio Second Decan (November 3rd - 12th)

The important sub-influences of this Pisces/NEPTUNE decan can induce numerous rather interesting differences. Pisces tends to soften and refine both the physical features and the personality. While you still possess the strong will, determination, and drive characteristic of everyone with Scorpio rising, you are less inclined to come on as strong as others. Perhaps your motto for getting what you want in everyday situations actually is that old adage about walking softly but carrying a big stick.

Neptune, planet of sensitivity, combines with Scorpio ruling planet Mars to accentuate the driving positive personality. Pisces is dreamy, whereas Scorpio is intense, focused and highly charged. Mars and Neptune combined influences make Scorpio-Pisces intensely occupied, plotting their careful path to fame and fortune. The added Pisces has picked up the love and compassion for all humanity, a democratic attitude that brings them back to the need for companionship. Scorpio-Pisces breed can tune into some unusual wavelengths; their intuitive, sensitive powers can carry them right to where they want to go.

It’s important for the Scorpio-Pisces to find deeper meaning in their relationships. They are romantic and intense; having a loving partner fulfills and completes them. Once the Scorpio 2nd decan can find contentment in love, they reach their true potential in other areas of life. Those best suited for Scorpio-Pisces are great listeners, with an abundant of patience, understanding and initiators. Scorpio-Pisces enjoys people with a spiritual positive outlook on life and spontaneously getting away from the everyday scene.

Second Decan Scorpio generally makes steadfast friends and faithful lovers and mates. Although their presence is often formidable, they can be unusually kind, giving and even quite sentimental. Scorpio-Pisces can be secretive a typical Scorpio traits. Their sexual needs and demands often also run high, but they can equally well go for long periods of time without wanting intimate contact. Scorpio-Pisces are generally very physical as long as they remain sensitive to their partners and capable of moderation, such drives and appetites can have a positive effect on their relationships.

Scorpio Third Decan (November 13th - 22nd)

The sub-influence of this Cancer/MOON decan can induce some quite exciting and interesting characteristics. Cancer - natural ruler of the fourth house of home, family, and security - can cause you to be very much attached emotionally to family members. Whether for better or worse, they likely had (will have) a strong influence on the type of personality you develop. Whether male or female, you’re likely to inherit some of your mother’s features which, in many instances, may not be nearly so evident until middle age or later. You will want to and should, if possible, own your own home.

The sensuous Moon combined with Scorpio ruling planet Mars that gives allure to their personality. Scorpio-Cancer participants are the most balanced and evolved of the sign of Scorpio. Sprinkled by flakes of Sagittarian/Jupiterian optimism, grounded in Scorpio/Mars reality. Scorpio-Cancer has been able to lose the typical ScorpioN suspicion of others. The Moon’s influence on their Cancer side allows them to speak with incredible force, subtle wit, and compassionate eloquence and of course always with sexy Scorpio seduction. To top it off, a little credit to neighboring Sagittarius for their gift for gab.

When the Scorpio-Cancer cares for someone, it is with a hundred and one percent of his or her being. Those best suited for Scorpio-Cancer must keep in mind their aversion to anyone looking for a free ride. Scorpio-Cancer is often attracted to self-sufficient individuals with something unusual to offer. As seductive as the Scorpio’S maybe, they are quite vulnerable to the seductive skills of others. The partners and mates learn soon enough not to take the attentions of Scorpio 3rd decan for granted, or they will find that what has been freely given can also be withheld, or withdrawn entirely.

Third Decan Scorpio are at their best dealing with groups of people and tend to choose work that projects them into the public eye. Fate seems to thrust them into situations or relationships that they did not pick but which often are the most successful for them. Scorpio-Cancer are brimming with self-confidence, strength and a special magnetic charm that they use selectively. The combination of Scorpio-Cancer gives them the focus that requires them to succeed in everything they do; they are masters and mistresses of a destiny bound for fame and fortune.

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