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The Virgo Star Sign is the sixth in the Zodiac. Of all the Star Signs of the Zodiac Virgoans are the most particular, methodical and ordered. The Virgo Star Sign is represented by the Virgin and comes under the influence of the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury rules the mind, communication and mental states.

The Virgo Star Sign is from the element of earth which relates to practicality and groundedness. Because of this Virgoans are very practical and work hard to achieve all they want in life. They are also very intelligent and use their excellent communication skills well.

Virgo First Decan (August 24th - September 3rd)

This Virgo/MERCURY decan is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more to consider. Since Mercury rules your external self, you’re probably gifted in most areas of communication. You seem to have an especially good command of both the spoken and written word. Possibly you may use this ability profitably as a teacher, speaker, salesperson, reporter, writer, editor, etc. You are very versatile and are able to adapt quickly to changes in your life and environment; you are that rare person who can put "square pegs" in "round holes" if necessary.

Mercury, planet of the mind, is both their ruler and subruler, which give them a formidable intellect. Virgo-Virgo has all the traits of Virgo in double force. They are the purist’s purist. They are almost too good. They are almost too intelligent. Virgo 1st decan is an Earth sign and are by nature an attainder. The double Mercury injects the limitless possibilities that exist for the Virgo-Virgo. Intellectual activity, knowledge, understanding and truth are gifts they do not waste. Mental insistence and concentration are often their greatest strengths.

The Virgo-Virgo in love is romantic, devoted and has a great sensitivity toward a lover. It’s true they place the act of lovemaking on a spiritual level. Virgo-Virgo must connect intellectually in order to be fully attracted to another. Hearing a brilliant idea spoken by someone for whom they care about is enough to give them an orgasm on the spot, that’s where there passion lies. Those best suited for Virgo-Virgo are often with those they can just let go and have a good time. These fun loving types can prove mutually advantageous with the Virgo-Virgo providing structure and dependability, yet the other partner having a more relaxed attitude that those Virgo-Virgo may lack.

The reason First Decan Virgos are survivors is that they are unceasingly productive. Laziness, sloth, greed, and ignorance don’t even appear in the Virgo-Virgo dictionary. They are able to spot and solve molehill problems before they become mountains. They are smarter than the average bear and their motives are never ulterior. Virgo-Virgo have the ability to be flexible, to adapt to situations and problems that arise. Often their insights are thought of as prophetic but they are the result of keen observation.

Virgo Second Decan (September 4th - 13th)

The important sub-influences of this Capricorn/SATURN decan can cause numerous rather interesting differences. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the tenth house of career, profession, business, honors and recognition; therefore, you have a personal hunger for success in everything that you do. You seem never to be satisfied with the status quo when there is even the remotest possibility of improvement. With Virgo as your ascendant, you are more than willing to work hard to get to the top; but your Capricorn sub-influence often makes you experience rather frequent and unpleasant setbacks and delays along the way.

Saturn, the planet of determination, combines with Virgo ruling planet Mercury to give special force to their personality. What determines those two modes of behavior is whether they feel they are successful. Mental Mercury is mixed with toiling, severe Saturn, they will either emerge as an excessive overachiever or when they think they have failed they’re ready to throw in the towel. A kid at heart, Virgo-Capricorns are fond of puzzles, entertaining projects, treasure hunts, fascinating new scientific information.

When a Virgo-Capricorn finds love they have a gentle and sympathetic nature and they do all in their power to please. Those best suited for the Virgo 2nd decan are active, outgoing types, who are a good foil to their thoughtful and at times withdrawn personalities. Virgo-Capricorn often has a taste for the unusual in intimate relations. They may send out silent messages about this to their lovers, which, if noticed, this can bring great satisfaction. Many Virgo-Capricorn have no real need to live with others, but if family life proves inviting they are capable of fitting in well, as long as they have enough time and space to themselves.

Second Decan Virgo make up doubly in goodness, they will walk a mile out of the way not to hurt someone’s feelings. Their social circle consequently tends to be small. Virgo-Capricorn have a peculiar sense of humor, slightly sarcastic and dry but never spiteful. Their faces do not easily reveal what they are really thinking, indeed, showing emotion can be difficult for them. Asking for help may be a real problem for them, they seem fated to work things out alone.

Virgo Third Decan (September 14th - 22nd)

The sub-influences of this Taurus/VENUS decan can induce quite exciting and interesting modifications. Virgo rising alone is enough to make you practical, but adding the Taurus influence puts you clearly in the category of "super practical." In your everyday life if you can’t see, hear, smell, touch, or taste something, it just may not register as being of any importance to you. The fixed nature of Taurus adds a high level of tenacity and staying power to the mutable (changeful) and often indecisive qualities of Virgo. When you set out to do something, it’s your nature to persist until you succeed.

The gregarious and social qualities of Venus combine with Virgo ruling planet Mercury to signify a winning way with people. The blends of Mercury and Venus, puts Virgo-Taurus in an astrological position of good fortune. Virgo-Taurus will more often seem to be characterized by TAUREAN traits: stable, solid and jovial. As Virgo the critic, colored by Taurus the trooper, Virgo-Taurus has been given a marvelous “Can Do” mentality.

Virgo-Taurus are unhappy living under restrictions; they are drawn to creative pursuits where they are free to be their own master. Virgo-Taurus have a definite flair for the sensational; they seek to uncover the truth and to reveal it to the world. Virgo 3rd decan are able to put up with a lot, both in their career and in personal relationships, if the quality of their work or love life is high enough. Those best suited for Virgo-Taurus are without phoniness and pretension. They like people to behave as they really are, and to be truthful to themselves. Virgo-Taurus have strong nurturing and protective instincts, which emerge strongly when their loved one is suffering or under attack. In love, Virgo-Taurus are warmhearted and generous.

Third Decan Virgo has a special talent for using words, writing and speaking charmingly. They are happy realists with a deep appreciation for life. There is an undying optimism about the Virgo-Taurus that is neither false nor deluded. Facing and overcoming obstacles, in fact, can be a specialty of the Virgo-Taurus in all aspects of their lives. They can make excellent parents, for all of their independence and iconoclasm; Virgo-Taurus are usually quite conventional in family matters, particularly enjoying holidays and outings.

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