Water Element in Chinese Astrology

Those born with the Element of Water can be charming and sensitive as well as compassionate. They are very flexible and "go with the flow" so to speak. They are often intelligent and creative. They have a great imagination and are not afraid to use it! They make excellent philosophers and thinkers. They often freelance. They often have more than one profession. Water has good people skills and can be very subtly persuasive. They have talents in communication and diplomacy. They are intuitive and can find things that elude others. They have a flair for organizing and can delegate with the best of them. They have the gift of noticing the special talents of others and making them feel good about their abilities.

Water can also be secretive and deceptive. They don’t like to share their secrets with others. They have great skills of manipulation. Water tends to try to find the easiest way out. They may be too passive and too malleable to the whims of others. They need to learn to stand on their own two feet and follow their own path. They should avoid places heavy with water.

Water Element is the North. It is associated with the season of winter. Water’s color is black and it is associated with the lungs, skeleton and excretory system. To see if your element is water, check your birth year:

  • Yang (male) water year - Any year ending in 2;
  • Yin (female) water year - Any year ending in 3;

Water Zodiac Element

Water is a gentle element, and Water people are most at home using an indirect approach to achieve their goals. Although capable of devastating power (witness floods), Water is at its magnificent best when it quietly grounds down obstacles as in the process of soil erosion. That is how Water created the Grand Canyon, one of the great wonders of the natural world. Positive Traits: Communicative, convincing, diplomatic, empathetic, flexible, intuitive, open mined, resilient, sensitive, soft spoken, spontaneous and sympathetic.

The emotional Water person is very sensitive to other people and their needs. When you combine this with your normally excellent communications skills, it’s easy to understand that you can be an excellent enabler and counselor.

As a non threatening Water person you can easily get close to other people and often end up influencing them even more than aggressive people who use the direct approach. As with the stream that wears away the rough rock leaving a beautifully polished stone, you usually leave us the better for having known you.

You will probably not try to overwhelm with force but, rather, will wear down opposition with persistence. You likely prefer to present your point in a diplomatic manner. You will rarely blurt out a blunt or straightforward contradiction to what others say. You probably don’t even like to stand up and fight when attacked. You might yield and yield; however, you won’t break. You are a survivor and likely to outlast our onslaughts.

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