Yang Element in Chinese Astrology

Yin-Yang (陰陽) is the fundamental concept of Taoism, and the guiding principle of Chinese philosophy. It is deep rooted in Chinese science, medicine, astrology, calendar, Feng-Shui, martial arts, and many more. Yang is the white area of the symbol, means sunlight or positive literally. Yin-Yang represents opposite qualities or traits in all phenomenon and beings. Yang represents light, hot, positive, full, odd number, male, etc. Of the 12 zodiac animals in order, all the odd numbered animals are Yang. That is, Yang: (1) Rat, (3) Tiger, (5) Dragon, (7) Horse, (9) Monkey, (11) Dog.

The Yin-Yang concept along with the 5-Element composition heavily influences the zodiac analysis. The reading of your zodiac animal describes your personality, traits and compatibility, and when adding the zodiac characteristics of the future years to come, it will present you the trend of your fate.

Yang Wood

Imagine a big tree with its roots going down deep into the earth. This is a Yang Wood personality. Big trees are not easy to move, unless you cut them down, so sometimes it might be quite difficult to deal with them or to manage them. They are single-minded, goal orientated and can be rather stubborn, pushy and aggressive in order to achieve their goals.

Yang Wood people are very straight forward with their actions and talking and you can always rely on them to tell you a bold truth. Although from the outside they might seem tough, from the inside they are very kind and always keen to help people.

Yang Fire

The only right way to describe Yang Fire people is as the The Sun and The Sunlight. It’s the only element which is not on the planet Earth and it’s the most important of all, because the The Sun gives us light, energy and wisdom.

This is the element that doesn’t need to receive anything in return for its endless capacity to give, which makes it very popular. It also makes it very independent. The Sun is the hub of creativity – they are out of the ordinary – as they are the producers of new, revolutionary ideas; this can make them seem unreal or look as if they live in illusion and have no sense of reality.

Yang Earth

Yang Earth is represented by a massive solid rock or mountain. They are steady and reliable people on whom you can always count on to be there. Mountains are not easy to move so their main qualities are stability and support.

As they are represented by the mountain – Yang Earth are very strong and slow in decisions – they take their time. They are realistic, sociable and attractive when young. The women are strong – more like men… especially in relationship – and they generally have big vision.

Yang Metal

The best way to imagine Yang Metal is as raw metal or a sharp, powerful sword or axe. Yang Metal is strong; it is first formed deep inside the earth, works the hardest of all elements but also likes to control. As it is a raw material to start off with, it needs to be formed and tempered with thorough education and plenty of experience – just as a sword is made during a long process of manufacture; of heating, drawing and tempering, to become a much desired masterpiece with its own personality.

These types of people are tough and can handle large amounts of pressure. But, like anything else in life, they can develop in two directions; through hard training, pressure and work they can become an extremely useful tool, or, in the case where they had a very easy going early life, they can become extremely spoilt and lazy, with very low self-esteem.

Yang Water

Yang Water is best represented by large areas of water like lakes, oceans or large rivers. Their water is constantly moving, therefore Yang Water people are very dynamic and likes to move from place to place all the time.

Like water – which is able to go around objects and find a path through any crack – Yang Water people are very adaptable and can go around problems much better than other elements. Their nature is diplomatic and they do not use force, they simply find another way to get what they want. This is the element type that achieves whatever it wants just because it wants to be free.

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