Yin Element in Chinese Astrology

Yin-Yang (陰陽) is the fundamental concept of Taoism, and the guiding principle of Chinese philosophy. It is deep rooted in Chinese science, medicine, astrology, calendar, Feng-Shui, martial arts, and many more. Yin is the black area of the Yin-Yang symbol, means overcast or negative literally. Yin represents dark, cold, negative, empty, even number, female, etc. Of the 12 zodiac animals in order, all the even numbered animals are Yin. That is, Yin: (2) Ox, (4) Rabbit, (6) Snake, (8) Goat, (10) Rooster, (12) Pig.

The Yin-Yang concept along with the 5-Element composition heavily influences the zodiac analysis. The reading of your zodiac animal describes your personality, traits and compatibility, and when adding the zodiac characteristics of the future years to come, it will present you the trend of your fate.

Yin Wood

To figure out the Yin Wood character it’s best to imagine grass or long creeping plants like ivy. They are soft, graceful and tidy. As persons, Yin Woods are calm, well-mannered and soft spoken charmers. They are very articulate in speech because of their quick wit and sharp mind.

Ironically, this rather small and fragile element can survive the heaviest pressures in life – more than any other – and it will always spring back to life. It is very resilient, as grass or ivy – or even as the most stubborn weeds; it just keeps growing back no matter what you do.

Yin Fire

To figure out a Yin Fire personality you have to imagine a fire, in any kind of form, from a candle, to a torch or a forest fire; it all depends on how strong it is. When they get extinguished, they have the ability to re-ignite.

They are very gentle people, soft spoken and elegant. Usually they are not very loud. Most Yin Fires are refined and polite but once you get to know them you will realize they can also be rather lively and enjoy partying. They are very considerate of others and will always take care of people around them.

Yin Earth

Yin Earth in the nature is represented by any kind of soil, a thin layer of earth or sand. Its main purpose is to nurture and help things grow, therefore they are very good in guiding and developing people. They are usually very resourceful and productive too, just like any field or orchard or garden producing fruits and vegetables for our consumption.

So, Yin Earth is the element that gives, as it is the element of making everything grow and develop – like soil it’s just there for the trees and plants – and its only purpose is to nurture. Hence its only purpose of life is to give.

Yin Metal

Yin Metal people are represented in our world as precious metals and jewelry. From all elements they like to enjoy life the most, they like glitter and glamour, fine art and fine wine, they like to be seen in important places and with important people.

They do have a slight tendency to believe that they are better than others due to their fine tastes, and are infamous for liking to be the center of attention – for people to look at them – but this is often combined with their true abilities and skills which are often overlooked. They have a very unique view of things and they often might shock people with their views. When it comes to a well-developed Yin Metal, their shine will always have real substance and value behind it.

Yin Water

Yin Water is represented in nature by rain, clouds, mist and any kind of small amounts of water. Its main quality is the ability to change shape and its characteristics. As water nourishes soil and plants, that’s how Yin Water nurtures and inspires other people.

This elemental type recycles itself – creeks flow into streams, streams into rivers, lakes and oceans… then there is evaporation into clouds and then rain… Yin Waters are always moving; they never fix themselves in one place. They are like a chameleon – camouflaged shape shifters and they can be anything; they love change…and love to be changed – love to be in different forms…

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