1 House in Aquarius

The first house in Aquarius means that such a person is original, inspired by many desires and creatively independent. He wants to invest in a common cause, he loves contacts, jokes, pleasures. Modest, dear, does not like to attract excessive attention to himself. He wants to be loved, not just admired by his abilities. He draws strength through participation in collective activities within a close circle of friends.

A person with 1st house in Aquarius actively reaches out to everything unconventional, and also willingly takes part in reforming the ways and styles. He is motivated by the usual installation. For him it is obvious — "the world exists only to change it." He likes to lead people around him into a shocked state of excitement, trying to form an opinion of himself, as a fairly uncommon person — either a magician or a magician.

He perceives the whole world and himself mentally-detached. He is very interested in original people and thoughts, from which they can be heard. With the development of such a person acquires a rather unusual outlook on the outside world, often not consistent with the generally established.

Independence and freedom of personal self-expression is not a whim for him, but an urgent need for life, that’s why to him, and it’s not easy to live with. He often confuses love with friendship, but he does not like to break off relations at all and always tries, even at parting, to remain on good terms with his acquaintances. He often creates a cold impression, it’s just that he does not have the usual habit of expressing feelings: with a beloved being he is inclined to appeal friendly, and gives smart books, not flowers. This person, constantly does not like reality — he is dissatisfied with himself and the world.

At superhigh development, his personality can skillfully carry out mental original ideas to change both the internal and external reality. At the lowest level — an eccentric who does not understand anything either in this universe or in himself, but eager for an empty dream and adoring to stubborn in his unsuccessful finds. Unpredictably freedom-loving and self-confident.

Enjoys the fact that stands out from the rest, sometimes unconcealed proud of his individualism, however, really wants to please others more than others. People are seen as moving and attractive. Always seeks to change the existing situation. Recommended exercise in physical exercises, because he has a tendency to stop blood circulation.

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