1 House in Aries

The first house in Aries — a man of this type rushes forward with great energy and strength. His confidence helps in the implementation of all plans. He is enthusiastic and eager to excel in everything that he can do. He does not want to lose a single minute of his time just like that. His place in life is not easy, because he knocks it out aggressively and courageously. Any tasks that life throws up to him, he takes with enthusiasm and optimism.

The first house in Aries gives a great desire to prove itself, and at any cost. Such a person is ready to argue and fight, being sure that only in this way, one can assert himself. In the event that there are unexpected obstacles or obstacles that take away his strength, he intends to expend all his energy to the end in order to achieve success and get the desired result. Peace for him is like death!

A great desire to entice the rest for themselves. Such a person is characterized by a fairly active attitude toward his initiated business. He vigorously grasps at any business, passionately trying to occupy all the key positions, completely and completely plunge into the turbulent flow of events. Character traits are clearly manifested, and very pronounced. Such a person is strongly influenced by the first impression. If he is in a good mood, then the power of his influence on the world is huge enough and few people will be able to resist him.

This is an open, sincere, simple-minded and trusting person. If he feels safe and yet can remain open, he will be simply irresistible and charming. Everything expresses quite sharply, all its antipathies and sympathies. The fact that it does not fit, he simply destroys by any means. He needs to try to balance the relationship on the principle of Libra, and for this you need to learn the tactics of your enemies and learn all the best.

It is necessary to strengthen in itself such an important quality as the ability to remain calm and impartial. Staying at the same versatile, focusing on the aesthetic principles of balance and harmony. If such a person finds himself in a deadlock situation, he easily falls into depression, becomes at the same time — boring and listless. This person really needs support, because his energy is not enough for him.

He is very restless by nature, and his approach to the whole world is more direct than diplomatic. It can irritate the surrounding people with its dynamism, aggressiveness and sociability. He is able to defend and defend his views, using for this purpose mental faculties. It’s always easy to get started, but it’s hard to finish it - it soon gets bored with it, so it switches to something else. It is very important to develop consistency in yourself.

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