Asteroids in 1st House

Eros in the 1st House

When Eros resides in the first house of the natal chart, it gains additional significance. This is especially true if it is found within ten degrees either side of the Ascendant. Here Eros takes on first house importance adding his flavor to the sign or signs and any other planets found there.

In this position, Eros contributes towards the general approach to life. It may indicate how plans are initiated, action taken or dilemmas worked out. It may not mean that we have an erotic approach to initiation, but that we tend to encounter the erotic when taking action or presenting ourselves to the world.

Juno in the 1st House

If you have Juno in your first house then you will probably makeyour entire world about another person. This may seem romantic butit is heartbreaking for you if the relationship ever falls apart or if the person passes away. Individuals who have Juno in the first house often have an air of innocence about them that others find attractive. You are a very loyal individual and would never cheat but your naiveté often leaves you as the one who is cheated on. Individuals that would have this attractive air of innocence thanks to a First House Juno are Vanessa Paradis, George Clooney, Bill Clinton, Prince William and Melanie Griffiths.

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