1 House in Cancer

The first house in Cancer means that such a person differs in uncertainty, but with a passion for his feelings. His emotions are always reinforced by the will. The form of individual manifestation is necessarily connected with the family and relations with their relatives. Such a person wants to be far-sighted everywhere and always. He is too cautious, more likely even shy in contact with the world around him, and in fact he is very receptive to him. Of course, he just wants to join in here completely. The surrounding world, this person comprehends, as a flair, and own experience. He is more to hear than to speak. It responds to the current mood, others perceive it as capriciousness. But in fact, in difficult moments, this person reacts quickly and clearly with courage.

He has an amazing gift to find friends and acquaintances in his environment. It is easy enough to become attached to them. As a person, very inspiring, sensitive and plastic. He is too cautious approach to the choice of their affairs and easily submissive to influence. Very capable, but these abilities are very versatile, and are hidden deep enough, and therefore they are not easy to update. For such a person, the inner touch of his talents is much more important than their public disclosure and demonstration to outsiders.

He does not want to share his experience and knowledge, he prefers this wealth to himself. He loves to be in the thick of things and wants to take all the key positions. The nature is clearly visible. Such a person has a rare gift — to listen, but to talk and talk for a long time - no. He is extremely sensitive, vulnerable to self-perception, often confused and gives himself up, while with great difficulty expressing himself and his inner sensations. But it’s all this you need to learn.

According to others — this is a closed and silent person, but this is only the appearance. In fact, an emotional, deep and informative person. In the appearance of this person it is impossible to understand even the mood — whether he hears you and agrees with you or not, condemns or approves. On his face you can not understand what he thinks and what he is up to. True, quite often he simply does not think about anything, since his inner thoughts hardly reach his consciousness and are re-formed into words.

Hence — a strong dependence and constant readiness for self-defense against all any new impressions, which is the basis of all self-deceptions or distorted expression of his "I". To protect oneself from enemies, such a person must learn to be practical, persistent and purposeful in his work. On this issue you need to work, especially on yourself, because it is necessary to eliminate all distortions of emotional perception and self-expression. All the emotions of this personality need to be made even more essential and learn how to properly submit oneself — correctly, accurately and sincerely. In addition, it must be remembered that the stage of ruthlessness of enemies is determined by the size of their own egoism.

This type is very attached to his home and to his mother. Patriot of the country and an adherent of all traditions. Collects collections, rare things and often remembers the past. He has an excellent imagination, but is shy in essence, and for a harmonious life he needs love and constant support. But because of innate fear, I have to hide from troubles. His manners are graceful and a kind of charm, but in case of threat or discomfort, they go inside themselves. Sensitive, so predisposed to the influence of others.

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