1 House in Capricorn

The first house in Capricorn — people with extremely characteristic systematic and disciplined work, remarkable persistence and ability to work hard and long. Everything that such a person does is invariably filled with meaning and is aimed at implementing, albeit a distant and high, but practical and concrete goal. Such a person is always serious, sober, reserved and melancholy.

For such people, the desire is inherent in the desire for personal efforts to rise above others and the desire for ambitious intentions. In all their victories, they make all bets only on their own strengths and their characteristic skills. For them, there is a special "peasant grasp" — for the conquered bridgeheads they hold to the last, tenaciously. Such a person can quickly and without excessive noise reach quite a lot, persistently and steadily climbing the steps of the life ladder.

Often people with 1 house in Capricorn are born directors and managers, referring to everyone as managers and managers. This thoughtful person is not inclined to give up on trifles. He feels that he is capable of much, if he makes something his main goal. True, when choosing a goal, these people are often capricious, because his goal must be both concrete and very worthwhile, and not that there will be no satisfaction with its achievement. Self-perception is specific and strict, and minor flaws and troubles are not taken into account.

At a low level of development, it is an eternally unsatisfied and dull individual, who does not believe in anything and hangs about from business to work, without any hope of victory. Internal work, by all means requires this person constant and long-term efforts. He will not otherwise develop the hardness of character, as well as the ability to wait patiently for a long time and patiently. Often, he learns to arbitrarily change the hope for a sense of duty.

At superhigh development these people speak little and without affectation, however their speeches sound like prophecies or immutable truths, which often appear. This man must overcome in himself the general dryness of manners, distrustfulness and indifference to everyday attire, which in his life plays a much greater role than he thinks. Enemies teach him to look deep into the essence and take into account the emotional states of other people, which he himself is inclined to forget.

In his youth, he does not stand out for strong health. An ambitious and hardworking figure, for whom the achievement of result on the material plane is of great importance. He feels the need to see certain results of his efforts. Constant and patient. Has a developed sense of personal dignity, can be too disciplined and very one-sided. Everyone treats him with extreme seriousness. His actions are cold and restrained. Childhood is unlikely to have gone easily, but it has started to look younger with age.

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