Chiron in 1st House

This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self. You may neglect your own personality or self-interests in order to appease others. You are a fighter for those who are less fortunate and give wonderful advice to others who seek your council. Helping others help themselves and find their true potential is your strong point. Your weak point is doing the same for yourself.

You may have trouble defining yourself and finding meaning in your life. You often neglect yourself or feel unworthy. The lesson you need to learn is self-love and self-respect. Let yourself do what you love and take your own advice as if you were giving this same advice to someone you love. Build up your personality, donโ€™t limit yourself or feel selfish for it, you must learn to accept yourself as a unique individual with personal power in order to transcend.

Chiron in the 1st House

Individuals with Chiron in 1st house know what a struggle it is just to survive sometimes these individuals have had to learn to depend on their own skills and abilities from an early age. Often they have been left to fend for themselves in some respects from early on in life. They know that the only thing in life that they can truly depend upon is themselves.

These individuals have a tougher time in life than many having to fight against the odds to get anywhere but they learn from this experience. Sometimes these individuals were premature or had conditions which made them self-determined to prove to the world that they were capable of doing more than others thought possible, tell these individuals that they canโ€™t do something and they will prove you wrong โ€“ they have been doing that all their lives.

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