1 House in Gemini

The first house in Gemini means that such a person is different, both by his intellectual abilities and by the individuality of his creative thinking. Such a person is able to formulate all his thoughts reasonably, brightly and logically, since he himself often becomes like his ideas and fantasies. He perfectly corresponds to an excellent intellectual form of self-perception or self-expression.

A man with 1st house in Gemini is eloquent and talkative. He quite actively seeks to communicate, wishing at the same time to speak out to the end and at the same time, as versatile as possible. Such a person is very appreciative of light humor, ingenuity, lightness and intellectual strength. It is simple enough, it finds a way to the human soul and establishes an interconnection with any human being. In his studies, he does not strive for consistency, solidity, accuracy and order.

In connections and contacts with people, it is also not permanent. Without much difficulty, he draws others to joint successes, but at the same time he quickly and easily switches to another job. To everything, this person is suitable simply, even a little thoughtlessly. Although it develops well in a variety of ways and in any environment, even in an atmosphere saturated with a lot of information, in an environment where communication and contacts are constant. The character is easy, changeable and elusive. All the new cases he undertakes only as a result of contacts with other people. Always addresses the initiative to the surrounding people.

This person always lively grasps at any undertaking and quite simply refuses it, debugging this unfinished work aside. Such a person often fusses a lot, constantly mastering the newest forms of perception or self-expression, so easily abandoning those that he acquired earlier. Such a person reacts very sharply to all new thoughts and sudden information. He is sufficiently sensitive to any movements, changes or movements.

It is difficult for him to sharpen his interest in something inexpressive, because for this it is necessary — to concentrate, ponder or delve into the subject. A person is intelligent with a mental character of expressing thoughts and also with an excellent ability of mental perception. Knowledge is given very easily, and usually he remembers everything on the fly. He often becomes bored, if suddenly there is no one to talk to.

This type is sad without new acquaintances or without news and vivid events — in ostentatious life or in the intellectual sphere. It happens that he makes an impression of the cold and dry personality on those around him, as all his sensations are transmitted by mental constructions or social stamps. Conversational speech is reasonable, and all intonations are not accompanied by living feelings or anxieties.

This person always models both the external and the mental world in the appropriate forms, and therefore some things do not understand and simply do not absorb, and others greatly distorts. The development of this personality is directed along the line of deepening of thinking (without it, it may well remain banally flat) and mastering the essential (and not mental) awareness of ideas that inspire a person to self-improvement.

He simply needs to learn how to feel the boundaries of mental analysis and not allow the spread of energy ideas and unforced emotional impressions to the spheres. Changeable and perfectly adapts to all situations. Always delicately feels all the practical usefulness of things, and displays them in good ways in people, their good sides.

Try not to be rude or assertive. Enough many faces. He needs to focus and not succumb to impulsive actions. It is easy and fast in communicating with the surrounding people. It happens too talkative, so it may even become a talented narrator.

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