1 House in Leo

The first house in Leo, which means that such a person is full of dignity, will and energy. Often a person is arrogant. Intervenes without permission into other people’s affairs, when he is absolutely not asked about it and speaks when he wants. Expressed the desire to show oneself as a very strong and self-sufficient person, self-confident, with pronounced qualities of the leader. There is a tendency to laziness and idleness.

People are treated with arrogance, although they themselves always need a worthy attention and the best place. They are always cheerful and adore demonstrating their vitality to others. To all their affairs started, they are quite stormy, very active, sharp and even authoritative, and for all important things they take with a spark and a great desire. They like to bring everything started to the logical end. The character is stable, durable, does not change under the influence. He likes to express an opinion or consistent logical arguments. Self-expression and perception are bright and somewhat dramatic.

This type of real actor, accustomed to the applause of his fans. Such a person perceives himself and the whole world to a considerable extent, through rapid flows of energy, volitional onslaught, frenzied enthusiasm and a whole storm of emotions. If you want to get attention from such a person — dress brighter, lift your head, straighten your back and sparkle with admiration at the sight of its virtues. It is important — if you notice that in a conversation with you, such a person stoops, or looks away, this means that you are simply indifferent to him, and maybe even he is afraid of you.

This extraordinary personality is given power over others and the ability to control the inner state of a person. But such abilities are very difficult to dispose of wisely and tactfully, because he is inclined to get very involved, both with his energy, and with power over people. Forgets about their emotions and the need to look at themselves or their actions objectively. But in the absence of such an objective attention to yourself — such a person may well become a conceit or a stupid despot. In this case, his inventive enemies (Aquarius sooner) will want to use his vanity.

This is a very strong personality, dominating the others. An idealist and a sincere romantic. If he can not learn magnanimity, he will be a stubborn egotist. Proud and very self-centered. He loves admiration and applause in his address. But sometimes, others do not even know what to expect from it, because behavior varies in a fairly wide range: from restraint to excessive temper.

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