1 House in Libra

The first house in Libra means that the identity of such a person is most pronounced during cooperation with others. In others, he discovers the focus of personal reflection and recognizes himself through the reaction of the surrounding people to him. The actions of this person give the impression of grace and beauty combined with a sense of responsibility, discipline and rigor.

The best quality of these people is the ability to enter the position of another, and also to understand his position. They do not endure isolation, and alone from others, feel helpless and lost. They seek a harmonious and even relationship with others. Cultural, diplomatic, polite, have a great sense of tact and the same values in others.

People with 1st house in Libra have an excellent taste, and all the time are in search of and fulfilling an honest partnership, and full friendship. They love graceful things and in their everyday life unconsciously strive for beauty and convenience. Their perception seems unbiased, although in reality it is simply due to social norms. Personality is perfectly coordinated with generally accepted ways of perception, attitudes and views.

Self-perception of this person is highly aesthetic — he always and always wants to see himself attractive, in accordance with his internal state and the surrounding world. True, this harmony is accepted by him in a greater degree spiritually, with the help of rationalizations, therefore, significant mental self-deceptions are very characteristic. This person seeks to immediately eliminate disharmony and restore justice. And for this, first, he should learn how to correctly detect real imbalances: you need to discover and establish your personal internal balance, and only then try to influence the external reality.

A similar kind of internal search is not easy, they can not be expressed in acceptable social terms. That is why these people are often engaged in the external world, guided by traditional aesthetics and widespread ethics, which do not fit well with their personal inner insights. Hence — wonderful frustrations, in which this person feels himself not in person and in place, but also in public life. But it is clear where this sensation comes from, he does not want and is satisfied with distorted rationalizations. The direction of finding the truth, he will show enemies who need to learn decisiveness and sincerity.

He is tactful, sociable and friendly. Substantial results will be achieved only through cooperation. He sees in everything both negative and positive sides, because of this, it turns out to be indecisive and with an effort comes to the final point of view. At an elderly age can suffer excessive weight. Beautiful, has a charm, wants to be loved. Constantly stretches to bring everything to the intellectual and emotional balance.

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