Mars in 1st House

Mars in the first house people are surging with self expression, fireworks and daring impulse. Mars is at home in the first house and like a screaming newborn declaring his entrance into the world, the individual is unmissable, intense, brimming with willpower and impassioned desire. With Mars placed here, the battlefield planet dominates the individualโ€™s chart and sparks explosive frequencies through every pore.

First house Mars people emanate incredible reserves of energy, enthusiasm, self assertion and pioneering spirit. They tend to be curious, initiative and all to happy to charge where angels fear tread. There are high reserves of leadership and self authority, and the individual is an clear module of solo action.

His combative nature and outspoken expression can create relationship tension, power struggles and conflicts with authority. Sometimes he can even be intimidating, or even confrontational to weaker spirits. The individual follows the law of his own self fulfilling prophecy and lives in a world of black and white - typically intolerable of grey areas or confusion.

First house Mars people feel obliged to experience life on their own terms and typically ignore the wisdom or plights of their elders. He may be socially inappropriate during youth as he tests out social etiquette and the responses of others. The realms of psychology, astrology and personality analysis are typically alluring for the individual who is interested in learning about himself and the confusing personalities around him. He develops his beliefs and self identity based on learned experiences as he streaks novel, audacious, playful and impulsive energies.

This placement can be tied with destructive and reckless behavior that borders on self destruction, and the individual is often left wrangling without a cohesive plan. His natural distraction is where he finds great discovery and he will swiftly exit the moment boredom or monotony sets in. The myth of Ares, tells us Mars sprang forth fully grown from the body of outraged Hera; and similarly, the first house Mars person fees that internal inflammation, aggression and frustration can โ€˜spring forthโ€™ from them. And maybe he has little method of attenuating the intensity.

They likely leave a marked presence stamped on his company and finds the crowd attracted to the fiery inner burn that warmths their frequencies. Females born under Mars in the First carry an air of confidence and assertion that promises them success in male dominated industries. The urgency to provoke his surroundings and create conflict acts to cure boredom or tighten the bond in relationships. Although they are temperamental, their heated charm and innocence is seductive, fun and charismatic.

Mars in the first House are deeply loyal and devoted partners. They are brimming with fierce sexual energies and tend to be intolerant of deceit, game playing or mental manipulation. He may be prone to stress headaches and tension migraines, and can be distinguishable by scar or marking on their head or forehead. This placement also indicates numerous physical injuries and accidents; broken bones, emergency medical responses and so on.

The first house Mars individual is pure in nature, and views the world through a child like imagination. This is naturally enchantment by everything new and fresh, like a fascinated toddler. He brings fierce energies into any environment and encourages others to manifest their more assertive and justice seeking qualities. Antagonistic, humorous, confrontational, adventurous, impulsive, warm and generous; and while you may forget their description, the cosmos ensure you will never forget them.

Mars in the 1st House

Your reactions to new situations are immediate and pressing. You are an active, energetic, dynamic, enterprising, and possibly even forceful or aggressive person. You tend to begin new endeavors with gusto, although follow-through is not necessarily indicated by this position alone.

Some of you might be rash, inconsiderate, or overly assertive. You can be fiercely independent, and you are usually direct and straightforward. Spontaneity is extremely important to you. Some of you might stir up trouble, whether consciously or unconsciously, when you are bored.

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