Moon in 1st House

Those with Moon in the 1st house respond with powerful sensitivity to the environment, and they are influenced by feelings, emotions, and instincts. The person tends to have an emotionally dominate, subjective response, and they can project their changeable moods out into the environment, and sometimes this creates an impressionable personality.

Equally they tend to react strongly to their surroundings; these people can be seen as empathetic, understanding, and accommodating. The appearance may take on some of the features of the Moon and they may possess a highly expressive face, which quickly shows the person’s moods and reactions to any given situation, and so they have a harder time masking these quickened responses.

These people may feel like the most vulnerable aspects of their personality are always on show. Sometimes the personality appears to be very ‘soft’ and vulnerable, and they may also be crabby and defensive at times, protective, needy, emotional, or clinging. Highly sympathetic, with strong imagination, these people have the ability to nurture and please. Sometimes there is too much dependency on their physical appearance and how they are perceived by others.

Sometimes they can appear moody, unstable, and overly–dependent on others. However, there is often a powerful hunger for personal expression, and there is great sensitivity to the people around them. Some may gravitate towards the role of the carer, and others will elicit this response from others. The personality is usually subject to the ebb and flow of the changing moods, and the Moon also needs to feel secure in their environment and might not venture out until it is perceived to be safe.

Moon in the 1st House

Your feelings are right out there for everyone to see, and you can come across as emotional and impatient, or nurturing and caring (or both). Your first reaction is emotional, especially if the Moon is in close proximity (within ten degrees) of the Ascendant degree. You need emotional stimulation, movement, and freedom to express yourself in order to feel happy and fulfilled.

Your moods are very changeable, and this can be quite obvious to others. Because of your emotional sensitivity, you might often take things too personally, and react too quickly. Developing an awareness that others’ emotions are just as important, even if they are not as overt and immediate as yours, will be important.

You have a soft exterior and tend to relate very personally and sympathetically to other people. However, you sometimes let your emotions overpower your reasoning and logic, and consequently you are sometimes biased in your opinions. You are impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way you appear. Your feelings are on the surface and you can not hide your emotions.

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