1 House in Pisces

The first house in Pisces is a compassionate and sensitive person who knows how to adapt to different environments and adores flying in the clouds. To everything that has been achieved, this person is obliged to a spontaneous dream and a subtle current for him, a subtle awareness. His inexplicable insight gives him the opportunity to intuitively understand the nature of a person.

He has a strong musical and artistic talent. Such people tend to sacrifice in relation to the world around them, which is expressed in active service to the rest or passive martyrdom. They are distinguished by a strong sensitivity to external stimuli. Far from it often, they can rely on personal strength, but constantly strive to help others. The people around them often consider them to be detached from everyday reality.

People with 1 house in Pisces are distinguished by an excellent development of understanding and perception of mythological, religious and mystical problems. They tend to be in a world of illusions and dreams for a long time. They like to gain strength from sentimental experiences and romantic images. To a stressful, depressing and oppressive environment, they adapt with considerable difficulty. Prone to embellish the difficulties of this everyday life.

Such a person, with a high development, is able to acquire true wisdom and, thanks to the perception of life at an ultrahigh level, follow the principle of not resisting evil. He is obliged for this to accept both the world and himself, as they are, looking at what is happening with objective attentiveness.

With a low development, these people produce a rather amorphous impression. Many people seem to be manipulating them, deliberately subjugating their own will. Such people like to complain about their lives, and also get sympathy from the rest, regardless of the nature of their complaints — they are rarely condemned and almost always feel sorry. This aspect tells a person a huge emotional sensitivity and sensitivity to the pains and experiences of others. Protection from such irritants is self-deception and lie. For the self-expression of these people, emotional stormy outbursts are typical, through which it is difficult to discern something real.

As usual, these people are kind-hearted and kind in reasonable limits. They have an enveloping and delicate perception, instinctively shy away from sharp angles and try not to notice them in themselves and the world. For them, it is very valuable to work out honesty, which can be achieved through orientation to the vital moments emphasized by the enemies. They should strive to imitate their enemies accurately and scrupulously, grounding all their low sensitive states, by which they mechanically try to occupy both the inner and outer life.

This person does not have a huge physical energy, is able to borrow power from the highest sources, through concentrated intuition. Restrained, compassionate, dreamy, quiet and calm. He prefers not to meet with bad luck face to face. At the threat of loss, he does not try to correct the situation, because he is not sure of the success. Effectively uses the healing musical potential, is able, with its support, to overcome even the most unpleasant moods. At any event reacts very emotionally.

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