1 House in Sagittarius

The first house in Sagittarius means that such a person stands out with optimism, affability, some patronage and interest. His ambition is aimed at superhigh goals. He constantly thinks only of himself and, in addition, is inclined to accept everything as an ordinary phenomenon. He is able to assure others of the personal correctness and validity of his views of the work, which is very useful for him.

His optimism is the strongest source of inspiration for those who communicate with him and feel his influence on himself. This person passionately pursues the realization of the meaning of life. He is friendly and cheerful. Surrounding people perceive him as a communicative adventurer, sense and novelty, rather inclined to adventure.

In dealing with people, he is a bit arrogant, but he is always ready to help with deed and word. In life, this person is trying to take a leading and leading position. He sets his principles and principles firmly and militarily. But thus, always remains the knight, that speaks about its moral-spiritual maturity. His good nature is slightly rude, he is always of good intentions and is full of friendliness. The world perceives energetically through the prism of transcendent ideals and higher aspirations. On himself and on existence, such a person tends to look optimistically, without delaying his attention on the negative sides.

A person with a house in Sagittarius always finds a way out of difficult situations and recommends everything to everyone — not to lose faith in any way. It is understandable, because he himself is always lucky. Careful looking after him suggests that such a person is rather insensitive (with all sorts of versatile charms). However, this is not so — he just expresses himself energetically and cheerfully, and strong emotions and various kinds of mental nuances — he does not like. Often, he makes many falls in love, so around him there is always a lot of people of the opposite sex. Perfection of the person, means elimination of superficiality, impermanence, false and excessive enthusiasm.

This is helped very well by a mental analysis of perceived circumstances and own self-expression, to which this person needs to learn from partners and enemies. There is always a strong temptation to run away from internal problems or project them outward. If this person takes up his self-improvement, then, of course, with all energy and determination. However, his frank enthusiasm can soon cool down, which, accordingly, will lead to switching to another object. He wants freedom of thought, action and word.

Carefree, optimistic and friendly. An idealist with a developed flair, interested in spirituality in all its forms. A brave and generous man, easily excited and talking a lot. His joy attracts the interest of others, so he is rarely seen in the crowd.

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