Saturn in 1st House

Those born with their natal Saturn in the First House are innately anxious about new people and environments, often experiencing profound disinhibitions expressing their individuality. Saturn is the stern task master and mentors harsh discipline in the First House portal; filled with contribution, potential, self expression and who we become internally and externally.

Saturn’s placement in the First House acts to package these individuals into inner experiences and outer appearances that relate to Saturnian themes; a serious approach to life, austere facial expressions, dry and satirical humour, maturity. sunken cheeks; though when they smile, their faces will change completely and they illuminate absolute radiance.

Saturn in the First House experience intense trouble expressing their identity and unique individuality. They tend to err on the side of caution and refuse to be caught in any situation without a cohesive plan or underlying strategy. Often there is an innate distrust of people, organisations and society at large, and they will tend to be quite secretive and private people. These individuals are often hesitant to express their own free will, and may relate back to themes around childhood where they were restricted, or the cultivation of confidence was stilted.

Vicious insecurities, the fear of rejection, criticism and disappointment are internal daggers that garner an arduous inner life; and these individuals are driven to develop self sufficiency and reputable establishment. Saturn here tends to enjoy work or their personal time in solitary, and require copious periods of introspection. Despite their self contemptuous nature, these individuals are instilled with generous reserves of energy to pour into their dreams and ambitions, often fostering esteemed success along the way. Saturn’s placement here is associated with rheumatic and bilious ailments.

Saturn in the First House shoulder the demands of others as a reflex and were often taught the harsh lessons of life quite young. Frustrated personal feelings about themselves establish bigger walls between themselves and others; where they fiercely guard their emotional expression or spontaneity. These individuals progress through life slowly; and the many barriers Saturn throws in their pathway cultivate the jewels of success, recognition and the development of a rich inner life; Saturn in the First House is associated with the culmination of the purist worldly wisdom.

Saturn in the 1st House

The first house stands for the way in which an individual projects personal energies onto others. This house is fundamental in defining an individual’s personality and Saturn’s presence here is particularly significant. Saturn in the first house people might have a stern exterior. People may comment, "You look so different when you smile!" When you smile the stern exterior drops.

Saturn’s presence in the first house can make you more aware than others of right or wrong in a societal way. Responsibility will be a major concern in your actions. Demands from people around you will dominate your consciousness. You will probably find it extraordinarily difficult to place yourself ahead of others. Guilt and anxiety might haunt you over issues that others, without this influence, might not consider significant.

This misplaced guilt and anxiety may create false sentimentality and attachment to surroundings to the point of neurosis. You are hard on yourself. Self-assertion at work and home might be stressful. Develop awareness about your guilt and anxiety attacks. Fight the guilt by thinking things through by yourself or with someone you feel comfortable with.

To avoid the guilt and anxiety your best bet is to lay low and first let people around you articulate and take what they want and need. Then take what you want. It’s rather important for Saturn first house people to have spouses and partners who understand their self-assertion issue. An understanding spouse or partner will go a long way towards making life pleasant.

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