1 House in Scorpio

The first house in Scorpio means that this person manifests himself in a strong-willed, energetic, invariably ready for a huge risk for the sake of achieving a dream. It is useless to explain the impossibility of his intentions and the impracticability of goals — he either perishes, or achieves his. His pursuit of the goal, strengthened by a strong determination and warmed by intense feelings. The desire to implement personal plans is so intense that it awakens the ability to reveal reserve sources of opportunities and forces.

A man with 1st house in Scorpio is vigorously involved in the events of his life spanning him. And at the same time he never gives himself up for the sake of external victory, the identity of a personal person and the peculiarity of self-perception. If he expresses his antipathies and sympathies, he is always direct, concrete and clear. Often can not cope with himself, as inclined to a restless response to various obstacles that arise on the way to achieving a dream.

He explores the problem of interest to him thoroughly and boldly. This person is very biased about the inner and outer world. On an ultra-high level, this all manifests itself in high self-discipline, as well as calm tolerance for others. On a simple — in the form of acute pity for himself and a fairly emotional self-justification and full condemnation of the world in various acute situations.

Feelings and experiences so sharply traumatize this person, that to be objective in relation to himself it is rather difficult. He is able to dispel illusions and self-deception only with heavy and long efforts, with humility, meeting the inactive pragmatism of partners and the Taurus heaviness of enemies.

This person has a sharp and sharp radiation of a sexual nature, accurately cutting the aura defense of neighboring people, forcing them to react to such a person emotionally and strongly. He should learn restraint in the expression of feelings and remember that for him compassion for himself is harmful, but selfishness is bottomless. The success of self-perception on a low level is connected with the number of devastations in the world and, of course, the frustrations and desperation of neighboring people, which bring great emotional satisfaction to this person.

He must strive to transform the simplest motives into superhigh aspirations, and this transformation must follow the path of internal alchemisation of thoughts and drives, with high self-discipline and self-control, in various acute situations. It’s not easy to recognize, because there are quite a lot of things hiding under the exterior. Often behaves like a simple and calm person, in the very depths of which, is an exceptionally complex creature, much more receptive and sensitive than it may first appear. He has a great endurance and strong will.

He is cautious, reserved and secretive. Instills others with respect for their ability to understand things in their deep essence and integrity. Has a sharp tongue, so often offends others, inciting them to detachment.

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