1 House in Taurus

If first house in Taurus — this means that this person invests his time and energy in all profitable enterprises. He loves all aspects of life and loves to create cosiness and beauty with his creativity. He actively strives for comfort and security. In interpersonal relations is prone to courtesy of culture and decency. Seriously refers to personal relationships and is concerned about their strength, however, as well as the quality of business relations.

Very helpful in handling, and this helps to eliminate rather complex obstacles in its path. Sometimes it acts very harshly, but still respects the rules of decency. The main thing is not to talk about his own security, personal or financial interests, and so may even be compliant. In all his relations and deeds he strives with all his might to order and a quiet future.

It strives and achieves its goal, and treats all its started affairs calmly, stably starting and finishing them. Creative growth and work on changing one’s personality are carried out step-by-step and step-by-step. In his character, the main qualities are hardness and rationalism. In everything, he trusts only his own experience. Development of this type of personality occurs if there is a condition for obtaining all guarantees of its security, reliability and concreteness of the total achieved.

The character of a man with 1 house in Taurus is very stable, strong and slow-moving, hence — not inclined to various changes. Always looking for logic and trying to explain everything that happens. Likes to plan and create. All his affairs, this person takes with responsibility and with pleasure brings them to the logical end. This type of person is somewhat lazy and inert. He considers it necessary to react only to what seems to be either significant or significant to him. But he expresses, he expresses only that which actually really bothers him or his feelings. On the path of such a person it is better not to become, for he expresses himself very impressive, and sometimes simply threatening.

In a situation where he is not confident enough, he, most likely, will remain silent, rather than discuss his concerns and concerns with others. Self perception and self-expression are somewhat constrained and limited. Such a person is inclined and difficult to learn, but what he learned — learns for good and uses knowledge and skills more efficiently than others. He needs to overcome the dogmatic nature of perception, while focusing on the activities of his enemies, which are obtained precisely where there is a lack of attention in the perception, speed or mobility of the reaction during the expression of all their thoughts, emotions and feelings. In any case, such a person simply needs to move away from ordinary materialism in perception, as well as naive realism in his self-expression.

This person is quite calm and quiet. And to understand something or accept a new one, it needs some time. However, if he learns something, it is unlikely to forget it. Such a person very rarely praises, never does and does not make any hasty judgments. He knows the value of money, in vain they will not spend. Sometimes it is lazy or somewhat inert. He always seeks the meaning of life and wants to understand, to realize the vital value. And when he understands, it follows her hard until the very end. I like expensive jewelry and quality clothes.

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