1 House in Virgo

The first house in Virgo — such a person is inclined to manifest extreme principles. In the development or implementation of any ideas, he acts systematically, consistently and systematically. He painstakingly remembers every detail and accurately analyzes everything, which is the main reason for success in his actions.

The goal of a man with 1st house in Virgo is perfection. Quality is much more valuable to them. Such people tend to have a reasonable relationship with the surrounding people. They can always be trusted, because they undertake to do only real things. And all the promises they made, they intend to perform accurately and even scrupulously.

Are inclined to sharp or sharp criticism, all of them noticed inconsistencies. Criticism is perceived in a personal address very calmly and cold-bloodedly. Everything that such a person does is extremely important for him. And therefore, all this he wants to master firmly and reliably, and also to have guarantees of a long-term connection with exactly what he wants and will do. To all his new affairs, this person is very serious and wants to act stably, in the direction of the task. Own personality completely changes and does it in stages.

The character of this person is firm, concrete and rational. Development occurs on the basis of personal trust, rendered only to personal experience. Personality is easy to learn. Such a person is not free, he always finds something to do. Always feels that you need to bring order, coziness and cleanliness everywhere, but this is quite a troublesome business, even if you confine yourself to the closest environment.

Quite often, such individuals are unhappy with themselves or with surrounding people. If something is going wrong with them, they simply can not enjoy life. But such a person can see and appreciate all the charm of small details (and the external material world and its own internal).

Such a person likes to bring his skills to perfection, and therefore perfectly copes with various work that requires thoroughness. These people are often lost in some situations that require a rare skill — it is great to evaluate any circumstances, having on that incomplete information. Synthesis is given to this person with difficulty, and when perceiving or expressing itself there is some difficulty with imagination. He can too literally (and therefore sometimes wrong) understand everything.

He expresses his emotions and feelings too precisely, which do not endure analysis and can not even reveal themselves, manifest themselves. A fairly sensible and enterprising person, prone to pedantry and organization. It happens that it often tires himself of worrying about nonessential things. He knows the secret of eternal youth. He himself actively uses the ability to notice weaknesses in other people, although he does it quite correctly and diplomatically. Maybe even a cloak or a whiner.

Often such people become comedians or commentators. His mind is so perceptive that it helps to determine the cause that has influenced the perfection of the personality of other people. In addition, it can establish their weaknesses.

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