Asteroids in 10th House

Eros in the 10th House

The midheaven (MC) and the corresponding tenth house traditionally denotes the career, mission or profession, one of the parents, and the social image and known reputation. Howard Sasportas said that the qualities of any sign or planet in the tenth house correspond to what is most visible and accessible to others. It is what stands out.

The tenth house indicates how others perceive us and those with Eros here want the world to know they are passionate, erotic, potent and charismatic. The way they dress, speak and move may all have a subtle undertone of Eros. Some people with this placement may even make a career out of studying, teaching or living out the erotic and transformational side of life. Certainly, it would be of major importance for them to express, especially if early childhood experiences lead to the denial and repression of the god of love.

Juno in the 10st House

If you have Juno in the tenth house, then you are likely to be married to your career. Any partner that you do have must be one that helps your career or improves your wealth and social standing. You are very likely to marry someone you donโ€™t love (like your agent) in order to get ahead in life. You feel tolerating a mundane relationship is a small price to pay for success. Individuals with this placement include Albert Einstein, Alyssa Milano, Milla Jovovich, Robert Redford, Russell Crowe, Robert deNiro and Steve McQueen.

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