10 House in Cancer

People with 10th house in Cancer largely depend on the place in society. They tend to be popular among others and lead a positive lifestyle. Career is inextricably linked with the family. They can even work in the same field with their relative. The main task is to combine individual growth with obtaining absolute independence.

Trust is of great importance to them. This applies not only to others, but also to oneself. They are characterized by fear of possible unpleasant moments. Great difficulties arise in communicating with superiors and colleagues. All events are perceived on the spiritual level, and it is very difficult and often painful. Practical goals for 10th house in Cancer depend on internal properties, so the changes are felt even on a subconscious level.

Working in a team is difficult for him. The leadership often acts on it negatively, and any orders are perceived with hostility. With the subordinates is not so. Each task is felt on emotions. He can not just give a command and wait for fulfillment. He must necessarily pore in his thoughts on the solution of his own task.

The 10th house in Cancer is of great importance for the collective. Here he plays the role of a liaison and a caring mother or, perhaps, a strict father, because any order must necessarily be executed on time. It is extremely difficult to engage in leadership activities with such makings, but high development can contribute to significant career success. The ability to understand the deep processes and find the right word in any situation helps in creating a good working atmosphere.

In some cases, a big responsibility can scare and 10th house in Cancer is capable of evading it. But this is for the time being until he can not cope with his inner world. Then comes the moment when he starts to meet with hostility any even useful undertaking, which came from the side. Someone elseโ€™s help and advice is taken very carefully. Although often understands that it can be useful for solving the tasks.

He likes to give advice to others and 10 houses in Cancer use it regularly. However, he gives them only to those who deserve help. Tradition plays a leading role for him. Parents tend to expect too much from him, so the career often progresses hard, too much in life is unstable.

Success often depends on the presence of women in life. He desperately needs their attention. Among priorities, debt occupies the last place. A great sense of responsibility for others allows him to become a successful leader. The first years of professional activity can pass through severe trials and failures, so in adulthood there may be a propensity to support young people.

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