Chiron in 10th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in reputation. This is an easy explanation, but not so easy in practice. You desire to be recognized and admired. You want to be seen as accomplished and respected. It may be difficult for you to find worth in yourself unless others see worth in you and that there is tangible reasons behind it.

On another side, you may feel that what you do always caters to others rather than yourself. You may be scared to succeed because of the fear of failure. In any of these cases, fear is the backdrop. You want to succeed because you fear rejection. You are scared to try and succeed because you fear ridicule. You fear your current career because you’re always neglecting your own needs and the further you go the more you neglect yourself.

This can all be remedied by acceptance and coming to terms with who you truly are what you want. Ask yourself who you are and what will make you happy and go after that. Don’t do things to appease other people, do them to make yourself happy, whether that is being super successful or sitting in the middle of a daisy field writing music. Heal yourself by accepting yourself.

Chiron in the 10th House

Individuals with Chiron in the 10th house have had to take responsibility for themselves and others from a young age. These individuals know what it is like to take on the adult role from a young age, they may have been young carers, or they may have had an emotional fragile parent. They learnt from an early age to put the needs of others first.

These individuals are naturally sought out as a shoulder to cry on they are the friend that sticks around during the bad times that helps you to pull yourself back up. They have a very practical streak that sees what needs to be done and are good at helping other out in practical and realistic ways. These individuals often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and need to learn to drop some of the burdens they carry and let others shoulder some of the strain.

They may have had issues with the rules of society, society has faked rules that you are expected to break discretely most of the rules around sex are examples of this however unlike the past when most knew the fake religious rules of Christianity, which were to be broken discretely and the real rules that are never mentioned or publicly acknowledge to exist: in modern times it has become a more complex issue New Ager’s will say they don’t follow the fake rules and have broken away from them and this is acceptable because adherence to the fake rules was never an intense issue, however the denial of following the real rules and acknowledging their existence is still followed so in reality all that has been achieved is a more open breaking of the fake social codes.

This can make things worse for those who are victims of the real rules, because there victimization is not viewed to exist as it violates the first principle denial of those rules. Confused, Zizek jokes about Stalin giving a speech, and a man stands up and criticises him, then a second man criticises the first because in Stalinist Russia you can’t criticise Stalin, the second man will be much worse off because he has openly declared that free speech is not allowed which is the worst rule to break. This is true of the West as well we have general day-to-day freedom but there are silent rules we are not supposed to break or mention and of which the consequence is often to be socially excluded.

Once as Freud put it, “A natural, powerful, pleasurable drive that binds people together is not only feared but hated” and we may think we have a free attitude to sex now but there are still unspoken rules they are just different. before people feared hated the loss of physical control where today it is fear of losing emotional control we fear our own irrational emotions and see the expression of them and validation as taboo.

Falling in love, notice the word fall as in the fall of Eve, denotes being overcome with intense passion and desire for another human; an all-consuming passion has become taboo we must find a soul-mate an equal in ‘spirituality’ worthy of affection but we must not be consumed by passion especially for those society deem unfit.

Those who are consumed by passion and admit to its physical sexual nature, jealousy and earthy origins are excluded one cannot feel a sexual attraction in its simple basic form or at least admit to it and the consuming intense passion they feel instead they may claim to feel a deep spiritual connection when in fact their desire is driven by sexual attraction for we cannot be emotionally overcome by physical desire today at least not in public.

The same can be said for our consumer desires we cannot be openly honest about the huge greed within the Western world and ourselves we must find excuses and reasons to accommodate our insatiable desire for the latest phone or other gadget but we must not admit to wanting a constant supply of new goods from greed or consumerism.

This means that those who do not buy into consumerist lifestyles or who cannot may feel excluded by breaking a secret rule of society which is the silent agreement through participation. Those whose relationships fail to live by the spiritual standards may also feel excluded.

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