10 House in Leo

A man from the 10th house in Leo is characterized by pride and extreme ambition. They can occupy leadership positions and for them they are like habitual clothes — do not constrain completely movements. Self-expression is exercised through demonstrating one’s leadership abilities. They need to know their value and significance for others. Shining and calling are necessary to them as air.

A person always has his opinion at any cost. He does not need to specify the right direction of activity. The tenth house in Leo can not confuse anything. He can express his opinion at any time to his leadership and his subordinates. It is almost impossible to restrain its pressure. Often it threatens with considerable trouble later.

The head of the 10th house in Leo often lacks the patience to explain in detail the forthcoming task. A huge experience does not give him the opportunity to approach the subordinate and lay out the small details necessary for high-quality execution. The thing is that he diligently transfers his energy, forgetting about the practical component. Subordinates have to think for themselves about the solution of the equation and find the missing data.

Responsibility of the 10 house in Leo is not afraid. He can always answer for his own judgments and deeds. This concerns, first of all, a high level. The low gives him the opportunity to shift the difficulties to other people’s shoulders. In this case, it seems to him that others are to blame for everything. Low development causes disgust for power. In the first place comes a sense of freedom and the desire to get all sorts of material wealth.

The attitude to one’s own good life is difficult to discuss with others. Here the 10th house in Leo can not be an objectivity. His assessments are purely subjective, and the advice often goes beyond the friendly and grow into real orders. Someone else’s opinion interests him much less. To advice from the side is a complete skepticism. Management often entrusts him with complex tasks, and the team fully trusts. Leadership is its essence, but to realize this dream you have to work tirelessly.

Sometimes you should listen to someone else’s opinion. This will have to learn for many years. Refusal of dictatorial manners is given with great difficulty, but the result is worth the time and effort. After taking off to the top of power, he should choose one direction and follow the goal.

A person from the 10th house in Leo can easily climb above the crowd and become successful in society. A huge charm will help him become one among equals and conquer the world around him. Among the recognized elite, he feels like a black sheep, but wants to achieve recognition.

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