10 House in Libra

It is peculiar to be in the spotlight, because the 10th house in Libra attracts people who become its support in the work. He can find his destiny in collective work. The surrounding people are respected and appreciated, therefore he has a good reputation in their eyes. His soul requires spiritual enlightenment and has a pronounced need for creativity. Relations with partners develop harmoniously and strive for perfection.

He has to argue constantly. This concerns your own thoughts, attitudes towards your bosses and colleagues. High development gives the opportunity to become responsible and fully responsible for the performance of the assigned task. Life goals should be in 10 houses in Libra delivered directly and accurately, but are configured in accordance with the existing situation.

Low development does not allow us to use the breadth of views. Social restrictions make choice difficult and directed towards prestige. There is a disregard for practical necessity. Aesthetic balance does not work and is silent when it is necessary to make a choice. During the formation of the direction of movement, problems with management may arise, because for him the external manifestation is in second place. The first place is pragmatism.

Those in subordination have a bad taste. Low development indicates lack of responsibility. In work, the 10th house in Libra can turn the task into the right side for him and not be responsible for his behavior. The average development is in a state of balance. Responsibility is divided equally between him and his subordinates. A positive aspect is the long-term support of its scope of work.

The high development of the 10th house in Libra will help to fairly distribute the areas of responsibility between those participating in the task. Between colleagues there will be established good relations. He can give out his advice to the right and left, but they are unlikely to be of any interest to someone. Among his family, he is not very tactful, although with others he behaves correctly.

A subtle sense of beauty and content makes it possible for 10 housewives in Libra to master the profession of a designer or an architect. Women play a significant role. Without them, it is impossible to follow the career ladder. They are needed to create a goal and as an attentive listener and vent. These people are able from their midst to identify real romantics who can give their souls for the sake of love. At the beginning of the career, you have to work hard and do not wait for a rapid increase. Only closer to 30 years, progress begins. The best line of business is the legal profession.

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