Mars in 10th House

Mars in the tenth house (10th house) in a horoscope and it has been experienced that the person will struggle the entire life to gain respect. The conditions become worse when a person chooses to work under someone. I have observed several horoscopes where Mars was in the 10th house and the individual was either not satisfied with his job or he/she quit the job due to improper tuning with the reporting manager or the boss. Things get worse when Mars is badly afflicted.

If Mars is so bad in the tenth house, then why do the books say that Mars is the best when placed in tenth? Mars is the planet of energy. Mars is the planet of enthusiasm and the will to do something. It is the strength. It likes to do the things in its own way. Those with Mars in 10th have excelled in business. I know a lady who earns more than her husband while sitting at home. She has Aquarius Mars in the 10th.

When Mars is in the tenth house, the person feels like doing the things his own way. He has some good ideas to take the things forward. Sometimes these ideas are rejected. Sometimes the things donโ€™t go like these individuals would have wanted. This is when they start feeling dissatisfied and because of aggression and courage that Mars offers, such people would kick off the job rather than compromising.

Mars is the planet of courage. Without courage, success in life is always doubtful. Courage makes a man powerful. Mars provides a man such an energy that this person wonโ€™t need anyone to move forward. The only thing is that this Mars should have some good influence on it. It has been written in some books that even if the Mars is debilitated in 10th i.e. Mars in cancer in tenth house, it will produce good results.

Such is the power of Mars that it is exalted in enemy sign. Mars doesnโ€™t even consider Saturn as its enemy but Saturn does. A lady had Mars in Libra in tenth. Mars aspect over the ascendant i.e. Capricorn (its exalted sign) and Saturn was in the 11th in Scorpio aspect over ascendant i.e. its own sign. The lady quit the job for no reason and has started business.

To conclude, if you have Mars in the tenth it is nothing to get afraid but mind your steps. Such persons would fear nothing in their lives and irrespective of the situations would prove to be true fighters.

Mars in the 10th House

This child has Mars in the 10th House. These little ones will not need any coaxing. They are born wanting to succeed. And success should come to them easily and from quite a young age. They will know that in order to get to where they want to be, they will have to work hard, and they will do just that. These youngsters set goals early on. They will then push to reach those goals, or even push the boundaries further. This child will always want to get ahead in life. The father figure could be a problem for this child in some way.

This child will be more serious than most. Although there will be a strong need to be respected by peers, it is only those people that are considered important that will count. These youngsters will discriminate, and generally, they are not concerned with the opinions of others. Even while young, the eye will be on the future. The stakes of popularity will not matter to this little one.

He/she will want to be recognized as being smart, not cute. These kids can have quite a superior air about them. If this is not recognized and addressed, the child can go out into the work force with that same attitude. An attitude of superiority can work against this child. He/she will need to learn to be more compromising, to accept that no man is an island.

The child has a need for appraisal and approval, but to achieve this, he/she must learn to be more human and less mechanical. Failing this, he/she should probably look for a career that is basically some type of self-employment. The other avenue is to seek work where there is a great deal of freedom. This position of Mars suggests several kinds of jobs, especially those that require a lot of physical energy or hard work.

This would be advantageous in any field requiring independent and original work. Mars here will give the child the courage to act quite independently, and to be a self-starter that can make decisions. The ambition that he/she feels will carry this child far. But they should learn to develop some "people" skills as well. It is then that their choices will be without limit.

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