Mercury in 10th House

Mercury in the tenth house people climb aboard the cosmic winged messenger Mercury in their ascension up the tenth house starry stepladder. The tenth house traditionally relates to dreams and aspiration, our public image, career inspiration and worldly ambitions; and with the planet of thinking guarding the dream portal, much of the individual’s energy will be poured into intellectual pursuits, communication, education and the development of knowledge. Tenth house Mercury people negotiate a constant, pressing urgency to broadcast their minds to the world and tend to be mindful of their social affluence and prestige.

The individual is rapturous and aggressive in his need for knowledge and hesitates entering professions that fail to provide a mental challenge or the opportunity for intellectual expansion. The individual may be attracted to careers relating to the media, publishing, sales, telecommunication, speaking and communication; and possess a natural flair in literature, writing, journalism and all forms of cosmic messaging.

Mercury’s placement here indicates networking with authors and public speakers in positions of power and possibly speech writing for politicians. Much of his thoughts are oriented toward their career and personal ambitions and social affluence and security. There is the suggestion of an intellectual father, who was possibly Virgo or Gemini dominant, and an upbringing which encouraged academic prosperity. Mercury here are likely regarded as ‘intellectuals’.

Mercury in the tenth house people enjoy indulging in all linguistic outlets such as reading, creative writing, crossword and intellectually stimulating conversation. He relishes the sensuality of thinking and time spent wandering through his own thoughts. Job opportunities must involve extensive communication.

Tenth house Mercury people cherish dearly anything relating to the written world and tend to be more logical and cerebral in their thought style and prefer to maintain the status quo. The tenth house is the highest point in the heavens and with swift Mercury taking flight here the journey is sure to be an intellectual rollercoaster that they will surely tell us about.

Mercury in the 10th House

You are good with language, and generally use this talent in your profession. You can have an authoritative air about you, or you are talented at communicating and negotiating with those in authority. You might have more than one job going at once much of the time, you could change your career directions frequently, or you could be attracted to jobs that keep you on the move.

You require frequent changes of setting or activities in order to remain stimulated and challenged. You are skilled at bringing fresh energy to your conversations or to your job, perhaps because you need the stimulation.

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