Neptune in 10th House

Those with Neptune in the 10th house may be drawn to careers that are inspirational, healing, or creative. Work in film, photography, art or fashion could be appealing. The person may also be interested in counselling and the helping professions. Whatever the career choice it needs to provide a sense of inspiration and fulfillment because Neptune’s idealizations, yearnings and dreams are often hard to match with reality.

The person also has a great need to contribute something significant to society and the world at large that is meaningful. More than any other placement this is the motif of the dream occupation and and the 10th house relates to success on the materiel level.

The person has to be aware of being disillusioned with the whole path to success, achievements and goals and the work involved to see them being realized. With Neptune there is always the search for something more, something that will make their life-goal feel more important. Sometimes a perpetual dissatisfaction with the career tends to haunt the person frequently.

Many people are familiar with the the romantic side of Neptune and with falling in love only to feel disillusionment later when that person isn’t everything they dreamed, fantasized and romanticized about. The same notion works in the career and the Neptune in 10th house type dreams of the perfect path, goal in life and contribution to the world and what will ultimately bring fulfillment. However, early idealization begins to wane and not everything turns out how they imagined; there is also the confusion, indecisiveness and feeling of no clear direction.

The person may struggle with knowing what they want and understanding what path is really their calling or vocation. The individual may want to do something much more higher and meaningful than the average person in regards to their career, and finds it hard to be content with far less. The individual often finds it hard to commit drifting from one career to the next.

The career always needs to be more dreamy, artistic and more uplifting than what actually exists. The person with Neptune here may benefit from some good, sound and honest career advice, to help beat the dissatisfaction of the current role, and they may also need to assess what is practical, achievable and workable in reality.

The individual could be flooded by the feeling of not having achieved enough and deep devotion to the ideal is another way at looking at Neptune in the house of career, some people with this placement devote themselves to volunteer work, working with charities, and community service. The need to find a cause that involves rescuing others in some capacity is often what drives their ambitions. It can also be the placement of ministers, doctors and nurses and those in any of the healing professions.

The career may demand some kind of sacrifice and they often go beyond their reach and so the usual themes with this planet: victim, martyr and sacrifice come into play. The goals, path in life and ultimate calling will carry a heavy emotional charge, and the individual needs to believe in what they are doing above all else. Sometimes the individual enjoys the glamour, magic and mystical qualities of their role, although this can dangerously stir up delusions of grandeur.

The 10th house is a very public house and so along with public adoration, worship, and eager followers the person must realize that with a planet in the 10th house comes a position that includes social influence and status and they also a channel for all things Neptunian and can be swept away by collective moods.

The people "out there" become the source for all love, acceptance, and feeling so rejection is often extremely painful for the individual. The person is also vulnerable and sensitive in this sphere and the eyes of the world are constantly overlooking, so the individual must always be honest and not cheat the public for it always comes back full force as with any outer planet.

Neptune in the 10th house is also prone to public scandals, and the public can feel disillusioned by the individual. Though the person could also be fairly or unfairly used as a public scapegoat. Another facet of this is that often the public overstep their boundaries in the person’s life and there seems to be so many hungry souls to feed, and so the individual may have to draw out appropriate lines. The person tends to open themselves up wide. In fact, a life-long service to the public is often part and parcel of having Neptune here and this can sometimes put a lot of strain onto their personal lives.

With Neptune here there is a lot of sensitivity towards society at large and especially to those that have been dealt an unfair amount of suffering. The career life will definitely go through some kind of transformation and with the right direction they can be a true inspiration to the collective, inspiring others with the magic, illusion and imagination in whatever path in life they choose.

Neptune in the 10th House

You have exceptionally strong intuition when it comes to current trends, business, and what the public wants, and you are likely to bring much creativity, vision, and artistic sense to your career. This position is good for a career in the arts, with the media, in the helping professions, and involving charity work. If challenged, Neptune here can point to drifting without a clear direction or a lack of clearly defined goals.

You may find it hard to find a "calling" in life, perhaps because of fears that a particular profession will be less than ideal, or due to fear of your being less than perfect. You might want to examine whether your expectations are inflated or unrealistic. Some of you might fear taking responsibility for your lives or for others’ lives. You may have received confusing or chaotic messages in your childhood or from a particular parent, and subsequently find it hard to take a definite direction or path in life, or fear taking responsibility.

In your career, you may not always get due recognition, which can also stem from a problem with assigning yourself worth. Others might take credit for your work, or you could have problems being recognized and rewarded by your superiors until you truly believe in yourself and your abilities and talents. You may not project yourself clearly and you should be cautious about your reputation. While you often prefer anonymity, try not to encourage others’ misperceptions about you.

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