10 House in Sagittarius

A man from the 10th house in Sagittarius has good abilities in the epistolary genre. He can become an excellent writer or researcher. In the first place for him, his own training, which can then be useful to others. Of these, good managers are obtained, who take on most of the overall responsibility.

The main drawback is too much bias in theory and separation from reality. He is more suitable for teaching in the spiritual sphere. In matters of spirituality and religiosity, he can reach significant peaks. For person with 10 houses in Sagittarius ambition and high professionalism are main characteristic. In matters of choice, a wide range of directions opens for him.

In the process of choice, a person is subject to too much emotional upsurge, which makes it difficult to focus on the practical component. The authorities appreciate and respect him. 10 house in Sagittarius always comes with new ideas on a high rise. His thoughts may not please the leadership in separate moments, but are usually accepted as a whole for execution. The management gives new tasks that are perceived by them with full responsibility.

A large emotional field promotes the same attitude toward one’s subordinates. His ideas are rooted like bees and are poured out onto the heads of employees. But you do not need to think that they all do it. After a certain time, it’s worth checking how things are going. We must restrain our emotional upsurge and make a choice in the direction of practicality.

Responsibility and a sense of duty are usually exhibited by the 10th house in Sagittarius parade and little correspond to the true content. Plans run up like cockroaches, and they are difficult to follow. High development helps to cope with the task at hand with minimal losses.

Councils on its part are distinguished by great variety and high energy. They often come into conflict with reality, but they do not bother him. Strongly reject other people’s attempts to give effective advice. A great friendliness and openness helps to successfully move towards your own goal.

Successful advancement can be inhibited by strangers, but this can not break the will to win. Great success awaits in mediation, aviation and dancing. Out of 10 houses in Sagittarius come out good leaders, real leaders. They tend to work with the masses and a qualitative visual representation of their own ideas. For man, ways are opening in the forward directions of human activity. He can receive help for his work from higher-ups and successfully move up.

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