Sun in 10th House

The 10th house is traditionally seen as the house of career and status. Because of its similarity to the 6th house we often confuse the purpose of the two. This confusion comes from our modern culture which emphasizes the importance of the 10th house and weaves them into the work of the 6th house. The 10th house represents the role that we play in society as a whole, because in our contemporary world that role is generally related to paid work.

The 10th house is the way that someone hasn’t met you would perceive you. So if one of your friends was speaking about you to a new acquaintance what would they say? Typically they would describe your role in the community as a whole, “she’s an actor, he’s an astrologer, he’s a lawyer, she’s a midwife etc”.

To further distinguish between the two houses, the 6th house is the house of work and the 10t house is the house of recognition or status (often for the work that we do). So while they are certainly intertwined they also stand apart.

So often with a 10th house sun your focus and sense of self will be related to how society as a whole sees you, or perceives the kind of work that you do. This strong identification with status often means that you come to define yourself by how the world at large perceives you. So when you are speaking to others you will likely emphasize your contributions to society as a whole.

You may well come to define yourself by what you do and by how that career is defined by the world around you. Because of this you are much more likely to choose a profession that is well looked upon by the world at large and also to seek out fame in that profession. When you speak to others you are likely to highlight awards, media attention, public accolades or any other time where you felt that you were at the forefront and that who you are in relation to society is highlighted.

Because your sense of self is often defined by how you are perceived by society it can be difficult for you to do things that are outside of the status quo. You may have a tendency to play it safe and stay within the lines in order to keep the spotlight on you in a positive way (this would be impacted by the relationship of your sun to Pluto, Black Moon Lilith and Uranus as well).

As a result with this position is can be difficult to distinguish who you are from how the world perceives you and you may be deeply conscious of others opinions of you. We live in a world where there exists a strange paradox. We are taught that our value lies in how the world sees us but we are scolded and judged when we express concern over how the world sees us or brag about our success and reputation. This makes this placement of the sun difficult, because you bring to the light what most people are hiding in the shadows.

The tenth house relates to your kosmic mission. It is the house that is related to our role in society as a whole and when we are talking about our impact on our culture or on the entire world we find what can be called our mission from Spirit. This is the part of what we do that impacts everyone else on the planet and as a result of this we are talking about a house that carries a lot of karma and karmic ties. With the light on this house you will also come to define yourself by your life mission (often with this placement this mission is directly related to work).

This means that when the 10th house sun is run in light it allows a total focus on this mission, how we are going to serve humanity as a whole. So you also define yourself by your role in the world, in your culture, and in how you go about carrying out the mission that you came in to do. This means two things, one finding and understanding this mission becomes a quest unto itself and this quest can easily come to define you and can bring out shadow, fear and frustration.

Two, you likely have a tendency to workaholism, because once you find your karmic life mission you can have an emphasized focus on it. Again, our relationship to workaholism is a bit ironic, at once we admire hard work and often define life success by work accomplishments and simultaneously judge those who don’t place family and friends and relationships in general above their work. So with the sun in this house you may lean towards workaholism and you may find that you are judged for this workaholism by others. But your role in this life, in large part is to be highlighted amongst the masses and this is the house of Capricorn so hard work is the name of the game here.

When it comes to the 10th house, the planets within it tell you two things. They tell you what you need to heal in order to manifest your perfect career/life mission and they give you a general idea of what that career may be. With the sun in the 10th, in order to be led to your life mission you need to embody the qualities of the sun.

Some key lessons of the sun are: embodying yourself fully and taking pride in who you are, taking a leadership role in some way, shining light in the world and bringing warmth to the world, and finding comfort in being in the spotlight. Ideal careers for this placement would be any job where that you are being completely authentic in who you are, expressing your ego in a healthy way and taking on a role where you are in the spotlight.

The examples of this are numerous and there is no limit to the possibilities. Your path will also be influenced by: the sun’s relationships to other planets and houses (aspects), other planets in the 10th house, planets in the 6th house, planets in the 2nd house, the sign the sun is in the 10th house, the placement of the ruler of the 10th house astrological sign. So if your sun is in Aries in the 10th then you need to look at what house the planet Mars is in your chart and what its aspects are.

Sun in the 10th House

The urge to work toward a goal, for success and accomplishment, and/or for power is part of your make-up. You are uncomfortable in any position in which you must "take orders" from someone else. Recognize your ambitions and your need for authority without going overboard. Seek out a career that allows you to manage, rather than be managed, if possible. It is crucial that you accept the part of you that is ambitious, but take pains not to over-identify with an image that is not really you!

Alternate Interpretation: You have a great capacity to lead others and to excel as a professional. You will put a lot of energy into your work and you will have a brilliant career. You will always be in the public eye and will enjoy great renown. If your work is in politics or any leadership position, you will be successful.

You will show a lot of pride, arrogance and ambition in the material sense. You can not conceive of a fulfilling life that shows no improvement in your lot; your father figure influences you to elevate yourself. You will be able to transcend your initial social position to achieve status and recognition and you will feel very satisfied. In general you are competitive and authoritative.

In the future you will find an extraordinary partner with a good social position with whom to share your life. It will not be easy to please you and you will never resign yourself to settle for someone you do not consider worthy.

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