Venus in 10th House

The placement of illustrious Venus is a favourable position in the home of honour, success, dreams and public image, the 10th House; and relates to a natural social charm, a sparkling expression, universal love and creative flairs.

Those born with their natal Venus in the 10th House tend to be ultimately concerned with public relationships, collaborative efforts and attracted to professions indulging in the arts, theatre, design and anywhere they can scatter their peace and pixie dust for the betterment of others. There is idealism, utopianism and glamour streaked through their vessels; and these individuals usually carry overwhelming urgencies for recognition and admiration.

Venus in the 10th House receive much of life’s bliss through their professional lives and the relationships between colleagues. Great success tends to be established through brilliant networking skills and the ability to hypnotise with charm. Venus here indicates rewarding parental relationships which may provide financial or career benefit, and usually a warm and receptive relationship with the mother; although in some circumstances this may spill over into mother-daughter rivalry.

Jobs tend to be pursued with great passion and generosity of spirit, and there is often the lively desire to leave a positive contribution to the world. These individuals are natural infectors of love, adoration and solicitude and positively light up the room wherever they go. As warm and endearing as Venus here express, there tends to remain an enigmatic detachment from the public and a terminal elusiveness about their character. The influence of females in their career are likely to be productive and advantageous.

Venus in the 10th House are well received and disarming socialites, often attracting a crowd of admiring followers. These individuals tend to attract older partners of high establishment, and integrate their relationships with their profession to garner the magic from both and blend to create life accordingly.

Venus in the 10th House approach their public and professional lives with honour, integrity and faith; and tend to reap the benefits of a valued and well liked social image. There is the aura of universal love in Venus here; society’s jewel who brings the Goddess of Love’s greatest assets to sprinkle amongst all of society.

Venus in the 10th House

Others tend to respect you for your charming manner, and you have many admirers, although some of these are admirers from afar, as there is an aura about you that is charming yet strangely (and intriguingly) distant. You have a great need to be recognized or admired for your charm, beauty, or loving manner, but should be careful not to become too wrapped up in what others think of you, as you might come across as phony or superficial.

Some people with this position are "married" to their work or to their image. You are good at making contacts and organizing social events.

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